29 Facts About Aerith Gainsborough


Aerith Gainsborough, transliterated as Aeris Gainsborough in the English releases of Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy Tactics—is a fictional character in Square's role-playing video game Final Fantasy VII.

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Aerith Gainsborough's was designed by Tetsuya Nomura with influence from Yoshinori Kitase, Hironobu Sakaguchi and Yoshitaka Amano.

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Aerith Gainsborough's has appeared in the later-released Compilation of Final Fantasy VII and Kingdom Hearts series.

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Aerith Gainsborough was designed by Tetsuya Nomura, with influence from director and scenario writer Yoshinori Kitase and Hironobu Sakaguchi, whilst Yoshitaka Amano created conceptual artwork which too helped to influence her design.

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Aerith Gainsborough's has green eyes and long brown hair tied in a braid with a pink ribbon.

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Aerith Gainsborough's wears a long pink dress, a bolero jacket, and brown hiking boots.

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In early planning stages of Final Fantasy VII, Aerith Gainsborough was to be one of only three protagonists; herself, Cloud and Barret.

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Leitmotif associated with Aerith Gainsborough is played several times throughout Final Fantasy VII; it is first heard during the flashback scenes with Aerith Gainsborough's mother at her house, and is repeated as she is killed by Sephiroth.

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In 2013, "Aerith Gainsborough's Theme" achieved the third place in the Classic FM Hall of Fame.

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Aerith Gainsborough is first introduced as a flower seller, when she briefly converses with Cloud Strife, a mercenary working for the anti-government group AVALANCHE, who are fleeing from the bombing of a Mako reactor.

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Aerith Gainsborough asks Cloud to be her bodyguard for the cost of one date.

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Aerith Gainsborough's is eventually apprehended, but is ultimately rescued by Cloud and his allies.

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Aerith Gainsborough then joins them in the pursuit of Sephiroth, while embarking on her own journey of self-discovery.

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The party later learns the reason for Aerith Gainsborough being in the Forgotten City; through her White Materia, Aerith Gainsborough was able to summon Holy, the only force capable of repelling the ultimate destructive magic, Meteor, which has been summoned by Sephiroth.

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Aerith Gainsborough is seen praying with both hands interlocked whilst urging the lifestream to ultimately defend the planet.

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In Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII, set several years prior to the events of Final Fantasy VII, Aerith Gainsborough becomes the target of the original incarnation of AVALANCHE, led by Elfe, who seek to prevent Shinra from acquiring the last surviving Cetra.

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Aerith Gainsborough makes several appearances in the CGI film Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, as Cloud's spiritual guide, urging him to move on with his life and to forgive himself for the tragedies that were beyond his control, telling him that she never blamed him for her death.

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Aerith Gainsborough's appears again in the final scene of the movie, along with Zack Fair, where she gives Cloud more words of encouragement before she and Zack walk into the light.

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Aerith Gainsborough appears in the prequel game Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII.

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Aerith Gainsborough's character has appeared in several games outside of the Final Fantasy VII continuity.

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Aerith Gainsborough's appears in Itadaki Street Portable with the same characters from Special, with the addition of Yuffie Kisaragi.

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Aerith Gainsborough's is featured in the rhythm game Theatrhythm Final Fantasy as a sub-character representing Final Fantasy VII.

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Aerith Gainsborough appears as a Mii costume and spirit in Super Smash Bros.

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Aerith Gainsborough makes an appearance in the Kingdom Hearts series as a member of a group dedicated to defeating the Heartless; the group includes fellow Final Fantasy VII characters Yuffie and Cid, and Leon of Final Fantasy VIII.

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Aerith Gainsborough's appears in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories as a perceptive figment of Sora's memories.

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Aerith Gainsborough is mentioned in a graffiti in the subway station early in the animated film Wreck-It Ralph; the graffiti reads "Aerith Gainsborough Lives".

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Aerith Gainsborough has been included in most of GameFAQs' "Character Battle" contests, though she progressed only a few rounds each time.

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In 2013, Aerith Gainsborough was voted the second favorite female Final Fantasy character in an official poll by Square Enix.

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Aerith Gainsborough compared these efforts to the letter-writing campaign to convince Charles Dickens not to let Nell, the endearing protagonist of The Old Curiosity Shop, die at the end of the book.

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