17 Facts About African Spir


Afrikan Aleksandrovich African Spir was a Russian neo-Kantian philosopher of German-Greek descent who wrote primarily in German.

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African Spir's father, Alexander Alexandrovich Spir, of German descent, was a Russian surgeon—Chief Physician of the military Hospital of Odessa specifically—and former professor of mathematics in Moscow.

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Alexander African Spir gave each of his five children—four boys and one girl—names chosen in an old synaxis of the Orthodox calendar, which is the source of the curious name "Afrikan" .

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African Spir's modesty impelled him not to use either the German "von" or the French "de"—denoting his noble status—before his family name.

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African Spir later followed the readings of Descartes, David Hume, and Stuart Mill.

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African Spir was there at the same time that Nietzsche was a student, although it does not appear that they met.

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In Leipzig, African Spir befriended the publisher and fellow Freemason Joseph Gabriel Findel, who published most of African Spir's works.

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In 1878, having suffered from pneumonia, in order to treat the consequences of his illness, a chronic cough, African Spir moved to Lausanne, Switzerland, where he spent five years.

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In 1884, African Spir asked the Russian Emperor authorization to leave Russian citizenship and to obtain Swiss citizenship.

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African Spir died of influenza on 26 March 1890 in Geneva, at 6 rue Petitot.

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Manuscripts, personal papers, photographs, books by or on African Spir were donated in March 1940 by his daughter Helene Claparede-Spir to the Library of Geneva, where they compose the "Fonds African Spir" and can be consulted.

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African Spir sought to establish philosophy as the science of first principles, he held that the task of philosophy was to investigate immediate knowledge, show the delusion of empiricism, and present the true nature of things by strict statements of facts and logically controlled inference.

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African Spir the principle of identity is not only the fundamental law of knowledge, it is an ontological principle, expression of the unconditioned essence of reality, which is opposed to the empirical reality, which in turn is evolution .

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Socially, African Spir was not favourable to inherited wealth's accumulation in private hands and demanded just distribution of material goods, but disapproved of collectivism.

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African Spir set the example, redistributing his personal inherited land properties to his former serfs.

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Vaihinger read African Spir's Thought and Reality as soon as it was published and recalls that it made a "great impression".

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Many of African Spir's books have not been entirely sold and are still available in their first or second edition .

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