13 Facts About AHEPA


AHEPA was founded to fight for civil rights and against discrimination, bigotry, and hatred felt at the hands of the Ku Klux Klan.

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Mission of AHEPA is to promote the ancient Hellenic ideals of education, philanthropy, civic responsibility, family and individual excellence through community service and volunteerism.

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AHEPA was founded as a fraternity in Atlanta, Georgia, on July 26,1922.

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In recent years, AHEPA has expanded to other countries in Europe, besides Greece and Cyprus, including Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands and UK.

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The eight founders of the Order of AHEPA, who were the members of the first Supreme Lodge of the organization, were Nicholas D Chotas, James Campbell, Spiro J Stamos, Harry Angelopoulos, George A Polos, John Angelopoulos, George Campbell, James Vlass.

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Originally AHEPA was organized on a lodge system like that of the Masons or Oddfellows.

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Order of AHEPA has over 400 chapters across the United States, Canada, and Europe.

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AHEPA has taken a stand on the Cyprus issue since 1955 when it formed the "Justice for Cyprus" committee to support Cyprus' independence.

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AHEPA recognizes distinguished achievements in various categories such as Public Service, Government, Law, Business, Journalism, Science, the Arts, Military Service, Humanitarian.

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In 2000 AHEPA reverted to a more appropriate name of this event, The AHEPA Biennial Banquet.

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Order of AHEPA developed the Pericles award on both the National and District level to honor those individuals in Government.

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AHEPA athletics include: softball, golf, bowling, basketball, with regional and national tournaments held annually.

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AHEPA is honored to recognize Hellenes of outstanding athletic accomplishment.

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