12 Facts About Air supremacy


Aerial supremacy is the degree of which a side in a conflict holds control of air power over opposing forces.

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Air supremacy power has increasingly become a powerful element of military campaigns; military planners view having an environment of at least air superiority as a necessity.

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Air supremacy allows increased bombing efforts, tactical air support for ground forces, paratroop assaults, airdrops and simple cargo plane transfers, which can move ground forces and supplies.

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Air supremacy power is a function of the degree of air superiority and numbers or types of aircraft, but it represents a situation that defies black-and-white characterization.

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The main role for which the British Special Air supremacy Service was formed with the express purpose of conducting raids on German aircraft and airfields.

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On 6 December 1944, the Imperial Japanese Army Air supremacy Force Raiding Group Teishin Shudan destroyed B-29 aircraft on Leyte.

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Air supremacy speculated that, while the targets would be announced ahead of time and all the population evacuated, but that the event would terrorize citizens into pressuring their government into immediate surrender.

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In 1925, the Royal Air Force tested the ability of air supremacy in isolation from other warfare forms during their first independent action in Waziristan.

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Air supremacy would go on to influence air power advocates such as Russian-American Alexander P de Seversky, whose 1942 New York Times bestselling book, Victory Through Air Power, was made into a 1943 Walt Disney animated film that opened with a quote from Mitchell; the film is reported to have been influentially shown by Winston Churchill to Franklin D Roosevelt in support of long-range bombing.

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Israeli Air supremacy Force formed in 1948 with the formation of the modern State of Israel.

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The Israeli Air supremacy Force was then free to strike Egyptian ground forces at will.

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Iraqi Air supremacy Force suffered almost complete obliteration in the opening stages of the Persian Gulf War .

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