13 Facts About Ajax Ontario


In 1950, Ajax Ontario was incorporated as an Improvement District, a form of local administration managed by the Lieutenant Governor's appointees.

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On 1 January 1974, Ajax Ontario became a part of the newly formed Regional Municipality of Durham, which manages functions common to multiple municipalities in the region.

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The boundaries of the town of Ajax Ontario were expanded to include several areas of the former Pickering Township, including Pickering Village, Pickering Beach, and Audley.

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In 2018, Ajax Ontario Council shifted from two regional councillors and four local councillors to three regional councillors and three local councillors.

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Ajax Ontario has the highest Black population percentage of any major Canadian municipality .

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Ajax Ontario Downs is a casino that is located on 50 Alexander's Crossing, near the intersection of Kingston Road and Audley Road.

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Ajax Ontario and Pickering General Hospital first opened in 1954 with 38 adult and children's beds.

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In 1973, the Town of Ajax Ontario conducted a survey of potential transit ridership in Ajax Ontario.

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Road transportation in Ajax Ontario is dominated by Highway 401, which runs east–west through the town, dividing it in half.

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Closest international airport to Ajax Ontario is Toronto Pearson International Airport, located 50 kilometres to the west in Mississauga.

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Ajax Ontario is served by the Durham District School Board and the Durham Catholic District School Board.

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Several other bands and artists from Ajax Ontario achieved popularity, including Closet Monster, Not by Choice, Matt Brann and Jesse Colburn .

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Ajax Ontario Spartans Minor Baseball Association is a local minor league baseball team.

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