15 Facts About Tata Coffee


Tata Coffee is an Indian company that produces coffee, tea, pepper and related products.

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Tata Coffee owns 19 coffee estates in South India, spread across the districts of Chikmagalur, Kodagu, and Hassan in Karnataka, and Valparai district in Tamil Nadu.

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Tata Coffee is the largest integrated coffee plantation company in the world.

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Tata Coffee entered into a coffee sourcing and roasting agreement with Starbucks Coffee Company to supply coffee beans to its coffee chains in India.

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Tata Coffee sold its stake in Barista to Chennai-based Sterling Infotech Group, promoted by C Sivasankaran, in 2004.

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Tata Coffee acquired 5 tea estates and one coffee estate located in the Anaimalais region in Tamil Nadu from its parent company, Tata Tea, in 2005.

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On 25 June 2006, Tata Coffee announced that it had acquired American coffee brand Eight O'Clock Coffee from Gryphon Investors for 1,015 crores.

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Tata Coffee signed an agreement to supply coffee beans to American coffeehouse chain Starbucks in October 2004, which was the first time the latter had sourced coffee beans from India.

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On 1 May 2022, Tata Consumer Products announced that Tata Coffee would merge with itself as part of a reorganization plan.

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Since 2002, Tata Coffee has been consistently named the best coffee in India by the Coffee Board of India's annual Flavour of India – Fine Cup Award, holding the title, in 2017, for the seventh consecutive year.

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In 2012, Tata Coffee was recognized for initiatives taken to mitigate climate change risks with the 2011 - 2012 Green Business Leadership Award by The Financial Express and Emergent Ventures India, an integrated climate change company partnered with the Indian School of Business.

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On 16 October 2017, Tata coffee was judged "Best Coffee in India" at the Ernesto Illy Second Annual International Coffee Awards.

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Tata Coffee protects over 1,075 hectares of rainforest within its coffee and tea estates.

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All 19 of Tata Coffee's estates are Rainforest Alliance, UTZ and SA8000 certified.

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In 2005, Tata Coffee provided land for a rainforest nursery to Nature Conservation Foundation, a Mysuru based non-governmental organization.

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