24 Facts About Tamil Nadu

1. Tamil Nadu is the tenth largest Indian state by area and the sixth largest by population.

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2. Tamil Nadu is the most urbanised state in India, and one of the most industrialised states; the manufacturing sector accounts for more than one-third of the state's GDP.

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3. Early history of the people and rulers of Tamil Nadu is a topic in Tamil literary sources known as Sangam literature.

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4. Ancient Tamil Nadu contained three monarchical states, headed by kings called Vendhar and several tribal chieftaincies, headed by the chiefs called by the general denomination Vel or Velir.

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5. Tamil Nadu was captured by the British at the end of the war and hanged near Kayattar in 1799.

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6. Tamil Nadu provided a significant number of freedom fighters to the Independence struggle such as V O Chidambaram Pillai and Bharatiyar.

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7. Lakshmi Sahgal from Tamil Nadu was a prominent leader in the INA's Rani of Jhansi Regiment.

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8. Tamil Nadu is mostly dependent on monsoon rains and thereby is prone to droughts when the monsoons fail.

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9. Tamil Nadu is divided into seven agro-climatic zones: northeast, northwest, west, southern, high rainfall, high altitude hilly, and Kaveri Delta.

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10. Tamil Nadu is home to five declared national parks located in Anamalai, Mudumalai, Mukurthi, Gulf of Mannar, Guindy located in the center of Chennai City and Vandalur located in South Chennai.

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11. Tamil Nadu is one of the states where law and order have been maintained largely successfully.

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12. One of the earliest regional parties, the South Indian Welfare Association, a forerunner to Dravidian parties in Tamil Nadu, was started in 1916.

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13. Tamil Nadu is the seventh most populous state in India.

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14. India has a human development index calculated as 0.619, while the corresponding figure for Tamil Nadu is 0.736, placing it among the top states in the country.

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15. Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights in Tamil Nadu are among the most progressive in India.

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16. The Midday Meal Scheme programme in Tamil Nadu was first initiated by Kamaraj, then it was expanded by M G Ramachandran in 1983.

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17. In 2008, Tamil Nadu was India's fifth biggest producer of rice.

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18. The government of Tamil Nadu created a Special Purpose Vehicle for implementing the Chennai Metro Rail Project.

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19. Tamil Nadu is known for its rich tradition of literature, art, music and dance which continue to flourish today.

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20. Tamil Nadu is a land most known for its monumental ancient Hindu temples and classical form of dance Bharata Natyam.

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21. Mahamagam a bathing festival at Kumbakonam in Tamil Nadu is celebrated once in 12 years.

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22. Tamil Nadu was once referred to by Time magazine as "The Mozart of Madras".

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23. The Sports Development Authority of Tamil Nadu owns Nungambakkam tennis stadium which hosts Chennai Open and Davis Cup play-off tournaments.

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24. Tourism industry of Tamil Nadu is the largest in India, with an annual growth rate of 16 per cent.

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