14 Facts About Alajuelense


Liga Deportiva Alajuelense, commonly known as Alajuelense and nicknamed La Liga, is a Costa Rican multisport club based in the borough of El Llano, Alajuela, Alajuela province.

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Alajuelense is one of two clubs to have never been relegated, along with Herediano.

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Alajuelense was founded on the former Paris Hall, west of Alajuela's Central Park, on June 18,1919, by six former players of a historic city club, Once de Abril, with the intention of uniting all the sportsmen and associations present at that time in Alajuela under a single banner.

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However, it wouldn't be until 1928 when Alajuelense managed to become national champions for the first time in a season that saw the club's first star: Alejandro Morera.

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Since then, Alajuelense has become one of the most supported football clubs in Costa Rica.

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Alajuelense is one of the most successful teams in Costa Rica and Central America, having won 30 national championships.

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Alajuelense was the first Costa Rican club to win an official international competition when they defeated Suranamese club Transvaal in the final series in 1986.

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Alajuelense has participated in the Interamerican Cup, Copa Merconorte and Copa Sudamericana.

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In 1996, Alajuelense became the first club in the world to reach 100 points in any national league, finishing with a total of 102 points.

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Alajuelense plays its home matches at the Estadio Alejandro Morera Soto.

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Alajuelense holds many long-standing rivalries, most notably against Saprissa, Herediano and Cartagines.

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Alajuelense was part of the 7 teams that built and formed the National League in Costa Rica, back in 1921, along with La Libertad, Gimnastica Espanola, Herediano, Cartagines, CS Tres Rios de La Union, and Sociedad Gimnastica Limonense.

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Alajuelense was a notable former player of Alajuelense, Barcelona and Hercules, and for commercial purposes, in an agreement with the financial institution Scotiabank in 2011 it was added the name "Scotiabank".

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The land was purchased on October 7,1940, but the terrain would not be football-ready until when the first game was played on January 18,1942, when Alajuelense played against Cartagines; the stadium only had a simple wooden stand that was previously used in the Estadio Nacional.

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