17 Facts About Alderney


Alderney is the northernmost of the inhabited Channel Islands.

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Only parish of Alderney is the parish of St Anne, which covers the whole island.

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States of Alderney is the legislature of the island; it sends two representatives to the States of Guernsey as well.

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From 2021, Alderney will be responsible for setting the rate and collecting the Taxation on Real Property with Occupier's Rates now being included within that bill.

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Alderney will receive Motor Fuel Excise Duty and Document Duty on property conveyances.

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Under the Koppen climate classification, Alderney has an oceanic climate, however it exhibits characteristics of a Warm-summer Mediterranean climate.

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Alderney has cool, wet winters and mild summers with moderate rainfall.

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Alderney is similar to the other Channel Islands in having sheer cliffs broken by stretches of sandy beach and dunes.

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About a quarter of Alderney hedgehogs are of the "white" or "blonde" variety, which does not carry fleas.

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The States of Alderney passed the anti-smoking legislation with the President's casting vote on 13 January 2010; the legislation came into force at 4am on 1 June 2010.

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Notable residents of Alderney include authors T H White and Elisabeth Beresford, cricket commentator John Arlott, cricketer Sir Ian Botham, Beatles producer Sir George Martin, actress Dame Julie Andrews, and Olympic swimmer Duncan Goodhew.

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Alderney has its own radio station, QUAY-FM, which broadcasts on 107.

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Miss Alderney is chosen during the Easter Holiday weekend each year at a public event held at the Island Hall.

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Local Alderney people watch as the closed roads have vehicles racing at high speed where normally speed limits of 35 miles per hour apply.

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Annual Alderney Performing Arts Festival began in 2013, and features music, dance and theatre.

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The Alderney Railway is the only remaining railway in the Channel Islands giving a timetabled public service, with scheduled trains to the lighthouse during the summer and special occasions such as Easter and Christmas.

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Alderney allows people to ride motorbikes and mopeds without helmets and drive cars without seatbelts, but it is compulsory for under 18s to wear helmets.

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