23 Facts About Alex Vause


Alex Pearl Vause is a fictional character played by Laura Prepon on the Netflix series Orange Is the New Black.

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Alex Vause is reunited with her ex-lover in federal prison, nearly a decade after the events that led to their breakup.

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Alex Vause is noted for her pragmatism, forthrightness, wit and veiled vulnerability.

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Alex Vause is a main character in seasons one, three, four, five, six, and seven and a recurring character in season two.

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Character of Alex Vause is loosely based on Catherine Cleary Wolters, ex-girlfriend of Piper Kerman, the author of Orange Is the New Black: My Year in a Women's Prison and an executive consultant on the series.

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Alex Vause is introduced in the first episode through flashbacks; she and Chapman were both involved in crimes involving drug money.

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When Chapman realises that Alex Vause was the one who told authorities about her illegal drug activities, they break off their relationship.

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Alex Vause becomes increasingly concerned that Balik has sent someone into the prison to spy on her and bring her harm; she suspects that this person is Lolly Whitehill and attacks her in the toilet.

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Alex Vause is saved by Lolly Whitehill who kicks him seemingly to death.

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However, Alex Vause discovers in the night that he is just barely alive and is forced to suffocate him.

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Meanwhile, Alex Vause is suffering from guilt and lives in constant fear of being caught.

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Alex Vause has three years left of her sentence at this point.

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Alex Vause herself embarks in a physical relationship with CO McCullough who is blackmailing her to sell phone chargers to inmates.

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Alex Vause has "a great sense of humor about the whole situation" and is "pretty caring and insightful".

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Alex Vause sincerely loves Chapman, Mahn considered, and "continually came to her defense throughout season one", turning her down when she realized Chapman was using her as "someone to fall back on when Larry doesn't come through".

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Alex Vause "left her scruples at the door" when she built her life on an alliance through her father's drug dealer, "worked hard, gambled big, and lost everything".

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McNutt said Alex Vause's conflict with Doggett, who saw her as "coming from privilege", is a trigger for Alex Vause's "past struggles with class hierarchies".

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Alex Vause's despondency regarding her absent father "could either gain [her] new perspective and put her life on the right track or [she could] try to fill the absence as quickly as possible", the latter of which she chose.

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Kristi Turnquist of The Oregonian said that although Alex Vause was only in a few episodes of the second season, she "turns up to devastating effect early on".

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Emily Ambash of CutPrintFilm wrote that Alex Vause is "emotionally broken" when she reenters prison; "embarrassed and ashamed of her own choices" and her failure in handling her brief freedom.

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Hill hopes Alex Vause is more integrated into "Litchfield's culture" and has more humanizing interactions with other characters as she did with Nicky in the first season.

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Lauren Chval of Chicago Tribune said that Alex Vause "knows who she is and what she wants", trusts her instincts and has "never flipped on her feelings for Chapman".

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Chval praised Prepon in the role, and felt that Alex Vause is "always more interesting in her scenes without Chapman".

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