11 Facts About Allen Road


William R Allen Road, known as Allen Road and the Allen, is a short expressway and arterial road in Toronto, Ontario.

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Allen Road is named after late Metro Toronto chairman William R Allen and is maintained by the City of Toronto.

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Allen Road begins at Eglinton Avenue West with two separate signalized intersections with the street.

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From north of the 401, the Allen is four or six lanes, passes over Wilson Avenue, and meets with Transit Road at a signalized intersection.

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North of Transit Road, Allen Road is an arterial road of four or six lanes, meeting Sheppard Avenue West at a signalized intersection.

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The "jog" at Bloor Street connecting the two existing roads would be straightened, the existing Spadina Allen Road widened, and a new cut of the Davenport Allen Road escarpment would be made, taking the road to St Clair Avenue.

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The interchange of the 401 with today's William R Allen Road has connections with the private roadways of Yorkdale.

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The stations that serve the Allen Road corridor are among the most uninviting, unwalkable places in the city.

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Allen Road headed the "Go Spadina" public campaign that was successful in persuading Metro, against the wishes of the City of Toronto, to pave the ditch and opened the road to Eglinton on September 8,1976.

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In 2012, the City modified the Lawrence Avenue on-ramp to the northbound Allen Road, removing the right-turn channelization and one-lane merge into a two-lane on-ramp for both east and westbound traffic.

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Unlike the Don Valley Parkway and Gardiner Expressway, exits along Allen Road are not numbered and are identified by street name.

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