19 Facts About Xalapa


Name Xalapa comes from the Classical Nahuatl roots and, which means approximately 'spring in the sand'.

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Complete name of the city is Xalapa-Enriquez, bestowed in honor of a governor from the 19th century, Juan de la Luz Enriquez.

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The residents of Xalapa are called or, which is the name given to the popular large peppers cultivated in this area.

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From 1720 on Xalapa became increasingly important, due to trade with merchants from New Spain arriving to buy and sell the products of the peninsula.

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In November 1862 Xalapa was attacked in the French invasion; foreigners temporarily took control of the state capital.

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Enriquez died in 1892, but the construction of the Normal School and founding of its other schools led to Xalapa becoming known as a center of learning, the "Athens of Veracruz".

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Xalapa is known as the "Athens of Veracruz" because of the strong cultural influence of its major university, Universidad Veracruzana .

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Culturally, Xalapa has a wide variety of events associated with its theatres, museums, and street art.

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Xalapa is the place of origin of the famous Jalapeno peppers.

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Xalapa is home to the Halcones UV Xalapa, a very successful professional basketball team.

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Several bus companies are based in Xalapa including Servicio Urbano de Xalapa ; Auto-Transportes Banderilla ; the yellow and green sets of Interbus, Auto-Transportes Miradores Del Mar; and Transportes Rapidos de Veracruz amongst many others.

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City of Xalapa is served by a small airport, El Lencero Airport, located 15 minutes by road from the city.

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Xalapa is situated in eastern-central Mexico, approximately 55 miles northwest of Veracruz city.

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The climate in Xalapa is humid, but the city is relatively cool being located in the mountains over 1400 meters above sea level.

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Xalapa is often called the "Flower Garden of Mexico" and flowers play an important role in the economy.

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Xalapa is one of the most important places for coffee production in Mexico due to its ideal climate, and coffee beans are grown on both small holdings and large estates in the surrounding mountains.

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Many people in Xalapa are employed by the government, since it is the state capital.

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Xalapa is the head one of the five regional sections of the Tribunal Electoral .

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Xalapa has a number of cinemas, some of them of substantial size, such as the Cinepolis Museum, Cinepolis the Americas, and other cinemas, such as XTreme Cinemas in Crystal and Cinetix in Plaza Animas, which is a local movie theater.

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