11 Facts About Allison Transmission


Allison Transmission is an American manufacturer of commercial duty automatic transmissions and hybrid propulsion systems.

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When World War I began, Allison Transmission suspended racing, and the Allison Transmission Experimental Company began machining parts, tools, and masters for the Liberty airplane engine — the main power plant used in the US war effort.

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Shortly after the sale to General Motors on April 1,1929, Allison Transmission engineers began work on a 12-cylinder engine to replace the aging Liberty engines.

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Alongside the development and production of the V1710, engineers at GM began designing the CD-850 cross-drive steering transmission for tracked military vehicles in 1941; the design was completed in 1944 and Allison was awarded the contract to manufacture the prototypes.

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Allison Transmission stopped producing the CD-850 in 1986, but a licensed version was produced in Spain for more than a decade afterward.

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MT-25 was supplemented in September 1970 by a second-generation lighter-duty automatic transmission, the four-speed AT-540, which Allison developed jointly with Hydramatic Division in the late 1960s; the AT-540 was targeted specifically for on-highway use and shared similarities with automobile transmissions to reduce the cost penalty to equip on-highway trucks with automatic transmissions.

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Allison Transmission followed the WT line with the 1000 and 2000 Series starting in 1999.

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GM-Allison Transmission introduced hybrid vehicle technology for transit buses in 2003.

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Allison Transmission characterizes the system as the "Two-Mode Compound Split Parallel Hybrid Architecture".

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Allison Transmission introduced its second-generation eGen Flex diesel-electric hybrid drive unit in 2022, partnering with Gillig; the first units will be delivered to IndyGo, serving Indianapolis.

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In 2020, Allison Transmission introduced a line of motor-integrated electric axles, branded eGen Power.

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