11 Facts About Altai Republic


The territory of the modern Altai Republic has been ruled by the Mongolic Xianbei state, Rouran Khaganate, Mongol Empire, Golden Horde, Zunghar Khanate and Qing Empire .

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Altai Republic is situated in the Altai Mountains in the very center of Asia at the junction of the Siberian taiga, the steppes of Kazakhstan and the semi-deserts of Mongolia.

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The mountain lakes of Altai Republic contain enormous freshwater reserves of a very pure quality as a result of their distance from civilization.

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The large city of Barnaul in neighboring Altai Republic Krai was founded as a processing center for minerals from the Altai Republic region, although the mineral extraction industry today is much smaller than in the past.

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Altai Republic has a temperate continental climate with relatively short and mild summers ; and long, cold, and often quite frosty winters .

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Altai Republic is administratively divided into ten districts and Gorno-Altaysk Urban Okrug.

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Altai Republic is one of the few Russian political divisions without rail access.

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Some more well-known tourist spots in the Altai Republic include Lake Aiya, and the picturesque Chemal region.

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The religion originated in Altai Republic and emphasized the "white" aspect of shamanistic practice.

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The Altai Republic culture was repressed during Soviet times and has been rebounding since then.

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The Altai Republic's entry was the song "Altayym Menin" performed by Artur Marlujokov.

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