19 Facts About Altoona Pennsylvania


One explanation of the city's name is that the word "Altoona Pennsylvania" is a derivative of the Latin word altus, meaning "high".

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Altoona Pennsylvania was then the oldest continuous resident of the city.

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Altoona Pennsylvania was much respected and had long been one of the private pensioners of Andrew Carnegie.

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In late September 1862, Altoona Pennsylvania was home to the War Governors' Conference which brought together 13 governors of Union states.

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Altoona Pennsylvania is one of the dual seats of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Altoona Pennsylvania–Johnstown.

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Altoona Pennsylvania is home to the world's oldest wooden roller coaster, the Leap-The-Dips, located in Lakemont Park.

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Main sections of Altoona Pennsylvania are the Downtown, Center City, Logantown, Fairview, Juniata, Wehnwood, Calvert Hills, 5th Ward, Westmont, Eldorado, East End, Dutch Hill, Pleasant Valley, Hileman Heights, 6th Ward, Mansion Park, Llyswen, Garden Heights, and Highland Park.

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Some areas within Logan Township, outside the city limits but still considered sections of Altoona Pennsylvania, are Lakemont, Greenwood, Bellmeade, Westfall, Newburg, and Red Hill.

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Altoona Pennsylvania has several notable churches, including the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament at the corner of 13th Street and 13th Avenue, the building on the corner of 12th Street and 14th Avenue that used to house the First Presbyterian Church, and the First Lutheran Church on the corner of 14th Street and 12th Avenue.

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Some parts of Eldorado are actually outside of incorporated Altoona Pennsylvania and located in Allegheny Township and Logan Township.

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Altoona Pennsylvania serves as the corporate home to Sheetz, a rapidly growing convenience store chain in the United States.

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Altoona Pennsylvania serves as the headquarters to the candy company Boyer.

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However, through recent revitalization efforts, Altoona Pennsylvania's downtown maintains a significant level of economic vitality and hosts few office and residential vacancies.

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Penn State Altoona Pennsylvania has bought several downtown buildings, including the former Playhouse Theater building, the six-story Penn Furniture building, and the former WRTA building.

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Recently Sheetz has added another building to Penn State Altoona Pennsylvania called The Sheetz Center for Entrepreneurial Excellence on the former site of a department store behind the Amtrak Station.

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Altoona Pennsylvania has an education system that contains three high schools, two parochial, one public.

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Altoona Pennsylvania High is much larger than Bishop Guilfoyle, graduating around 500 students annually, while Guilfoyle graduates around 70.

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Altoona Pennsylvania is a major center on the Norfolk Southern Railway's Pittsburgh Line.

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Local roadways in Altoona Pennsylvania tend to be given numerical names, and Streets are aligned northwest–southeast and Avenues are aligned northeast–southwest.

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