24 Facts About Penn State


Pennsylvania State University is a public state-related land-grant research university with campuses and facilities throughout Pennsylvania.

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Today, Penn State is a major research university which conducts teaching, research, and public service.

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Penn State is one university that is geographically distributed throughout Pennsylvania.

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Shortly after he introduced engineering studies, Penn State became one of the ten largest engineering schools in the nation.

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Penn State's grave is in front of Schwab Auditorium near Old Main, marked by an engraved marble block in front of his statue.

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An investigation led by former U S Attorney General Richard Thornburgh, whom the Paterno family retained to review the Freeh report, concluded that the report that placed so much blame on Penn State and Paterno was a "rush to injustice" that could not be relied upon.

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Penn State found that not only did the evidence "fall far short" of showing Paterno attempted to conceal the Sandusky scandal, but rather that "the contrary is true".

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Penn State is a "state-related" university, part of Pennsylvania's Commonwealth System of Higher Education.

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Penn State has eighteen colleges, including three at special-mission campuses.

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Board's main responsibilities are to select the president of Penn State, determine the goals and strategic direction of the university, and approve the annual budget.

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Penn State is regionally accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools.

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Penn State has been the subject of controversy for several issues of discrimination.

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Penn State is classified among "R1: Doctoral Universities – Very high research activity".

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For fiscal year 2013, according to institutional rankings of total research expenditures for science and engineering released by the National Science Foundation, Penn State stood second in the nation, behind only Johns Hopkins and tied with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, in the number of fields in which it is ranked in the top ten.

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The fields and sub-fields in which Penn State ranked in the top ten are materials, psychology, mechanical engineering, sociology, electrical engineering, total engineering, aerospace engineering, computer science, agricultural sciences, civil engineering, atmospheric sciences, and earth sciences .

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Penn State pioneered high-temperature fiber testing and use, advanced instrumentation and test methodologies for thermostructural materials, and design and performance verification of ceramics and composites in high-temperature aerospace, industrial, and energy applications.

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Penn State was founding director of the Center for Advanced Materials, which supported many faculty and students from the College of Earth and Mineral Science, the Eberly College of Science, the College of Engineering, the Materials Research Laboratory and the Applied Research Laboratories at Penn State on high-temperature materials.

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Former Penn State president Graham Spanier is a former vice-chair of the WUN.

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Onward Penn State is a student-run blog geared towards the university's community members.

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Penn State's mascot is the Nittany Lion, a representation of a type of mountain lion that once roamed what is University Park.

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Penn State participates in the NCAA Division I FBS and in the Big Ten Conference for most sports.

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Athletic teams at Penn State have won 79 national collegiate team championships .

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Since joining the Big Ten in 1991, Penn State teams have won 103 conference regular season and tournament titles.

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Penn State has one of the most successful overall athletic programs in the country, as evidenced by its rankings in the NACDA Director's Cup, a list compiled by the National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics that charts institutions' overall success in college sports.

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