23 Facts About Alveda King


Alveda Celeste King was born on January 22,1951 and is an American activist, author, and former state representative for the 28th District in the Georgia House of Representatives.


Alveda King is a niece of civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr.


Alveda King once served as a senior fellow at the Alexis de Tocqueville Institution, a conservative Washington, DC, think tank.


Alveda King is a former member of the Georgia House of Representatives and the founder of Alveda King Ministries.


Alveda King was the first of five children of AD King, the younger brother of Martin Luther King Jr.


Alveda King says her mother wanted to abort her so she could continue college, but her grandfather was able to persuade her to keep her child.


Later that same year, Alveda King's house was bombed by opponents to the civil rights movement.


In 1969 her father, AD Alveda King, was found dead in the pool at his home.


Alveda King studied journalism and sociology as an undergraduate and received a Master of Arts degree in business management from Central Michigan University.


Alveda King received an honorary doctorate from Saint Anselm College and a Doctor of Philosophy in Applied Theology from Aidan University.


From 1979 to 1982, Alveda King represented the 28th District in the Georgia House of Representatives.


The district included Fulton County, and Alveda King served as a Democrat.


In 1984 Alveda King ran for the seat of Georgia's 5th congressional district in the US House of Representatives.


Young, who had given up the seat to serve as US ambassador to the UN, and Williams approached Alveda King and asked her to end her campaign for the seat so that she could dedicate more time to her family.


Alveda King is a member of the Frederick Douglass Bicentennial Commission, having been nominated to the position by President Donald Trump in 2018.


In 1984, Alveda King supported the Reverend Jesse Jackson for president.


Alveda King had two abortions before changing her views following the birth of one of her children and her becoming a born-again Christian in 1983.


On September 22,2020, Alveda King appeared in Birmingham alongside political activists including Amie Beth Dickinson to present the Equality Proclamation.


Alveda King spoke at Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor rally at the Lincoln Memorial in August 2010.


Alveda King has alleged that her novel, The Arab Heart, was plagiarized in the 1988 film Coming to America.


Alveda King produced the musical CD Let Freedom Ring in 2005.


Alveda King co-produced the video "Latter Rain" and co-executive-produced Pray for America.


Alveda King portrayed Gaylee's mother in "Fifteen Forever" season 2, episode 19 of In the Heat of the Night, original air date April 25,1989.