43 Facts About Amber Rudd

1. Amber Rudd was Born on August 1, 1963, Amber Rudd is a British Conservative politician who is known for serving as Home Secretary from 2016 to 2018.

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2. Amber Rudd graduated from Edinburgh University with a degree in history before going on to work in investment banking in London and New York.

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3. Amber Rudd said, "Parliament has to reach a majority on how it's going to leave the European Union.

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4. Amber Rudd resigned as Home Secretary in April 2018 in connection with the Windrush deportation scandal.

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5. Amber Rudd returns to Cabinet after quitting over Windrush row.

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6. Amber Rudd returns to Cabinet at Work and Pensions to handle row over Universal Credit.

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7. Amber Rudd returns to cabinet as work and pensions secretary.

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8. Amber Rudd back in British cabinet as work and pensions secretary.

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9. Amber Rudd would succeed Esther McVey who resigned on Thursday in.

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10. Amber Rudd warned about 'poisoned chalice' of Universal Credit as she becomes sixth DWP secretary in less than three years.

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11. Amber Rudd takes on 'poisoned chalice' of Universal Credit at DWP—as she vows to 'fix problems'.

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12. Amber Rudd makes dramatic return to Cabinet as Stephen Barclay named as new Brexit secretary.

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13. Amber Rudd back in cabinet as work and pensions secretary.

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14. Amber Rudd served in the Cabinet as Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change from 2015 to 2016 in the Cameron Government, where she spearheaded the need for renewable energy resources and climate change mitigation.

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15. Amber Rudd was born in Marylebone and studied History at the University of Edinburgh School of History, Classics and Archaeology.

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16. Amber Rudd was born in Marylebone, London, and studied History at the University of Edinburgh.

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17. Amber Rudd was a director of the Susan Smith Blackburn Prize since 2003, an annual award for a first-time female playwright in the English language.

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18. Amber Rudd is a trustee of the Snowdon Trust, an organisation that helps young disabled people access education.

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19. Amber Rudd is spearheading a campaign called Complete The Link to see the final stage of the road get funding for construction.

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20. Amber Rudd campaigned successfully for the construction of the Hastings to Bexhill Link Road.

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21. Amber Rudd has been involved in the campaign for the Hastings fishing fleet.

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22. In response, Amber Rudd tweeted that she had not seen the memo "although it was copied to my office as many documents are", and said that she would make a further statement to the House of Commons.

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23. On 23 April 2018, Amber Rudd announced that fees and language tests for citizenship applicants would be waived and compensation given to those affected amidst continued calls for her to resign.

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24. Amber Rudd apologised for the "appalling" treatment of the Windrush generation, but faced calls to resign from senior figures in the Labour Party.

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25. Amber Rudd had denied that falling police numbers contributed to increased crime.

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26. Amber Rudd denied seeing a Home Office report saying cuts to the police force likely were a factor in rising violent crime.

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27. In October 2017, Amber Rudd announced a move by the Tory government to crack down on what British citizens are permitted to view on the internet.

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28. In September 2017 the Guardian reported that Amber Rudd had authorised the deportation of Samim Bigzad to Kabul, in breach of an earlier ruling banning her from doing so owing to the ongoing threat to his life from the Taliban.

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29. In August 2017, Amber Rudd replied to an email hoaxer posing as the recently appointed Downing Street Director of Communications, Robbie Gibb, revealing that "positive announcements" were imminent.

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30. Amber Rudd dismissed the idea that a free movement zone between British and Australian citizens would be established upon leaving the European Union; a measure supported by former Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, stating "there are no plans to increase immigration from Australia.

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31. Amber Rudd replied that "[Government] support must help technologies eventually stand on their own two feet, not encourage a permanent reliance on subsidy.

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32. Amber Rudd is vice-chair of the Parliamentary committee on female genital mutilation, which has campaigned against FGM and called for tougher legal penalties in the area.

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33. In the May 2010 general election, Amber Rudd was elected as the MP for Hastings and Rye with a majority of 1,993 votes.

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34. Amber Rudd helped to find extras for the film Four Weddings and a Funeral, for which she was credited as the "aristocracy co-ordinator", and appeared briefly in one of the church scenes in the film.

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35. Amber Rudd was a co-director of Monticello between 1999 and 2000, but the company was liquidated in 2003.

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36. Amber Rudd became a director of the investment company Lawnstone Limited at the age of 24 in January 1988, taking over from her sister and brother-in-law.

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37. On 16 November 2018, Amber Rudd was appointed Work and Pensions Secretary, and succeeded Esther McVey in steering and leading the Department for Work and Pensions.

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38. Amber Rudd was the third female Home Secretary, the fifth woman to hold one of the Great Offices of State and the fastest-rising politician to a Great Office of State since the Second World War.

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39. Amber Rudd previously served as Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change from 2015 to 2016 after being the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State and Deputy Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change to Ed Davey from 2014 to 2015.

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40. Amber Rudd was born in Marylebone and studied History at the University of Edinburgh.

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41. Amber Rudd was first elected Member of Parliament for Hastings and Rye in 2010.

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42. Amber Rudd 'let down by officials' before resigning as Home Secretary, report finds.

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43. Amber Rudd hopes for Home Office 'wake-up call' over Windrush scandal report.

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