32 Facts About Esther McVey

1. On Wednesday, Esther McVey ordered the DWP to abandon its legal defence of its position to time-limit the repayments it must make to at least 70,000 disabled and chronically ill disability employment and support allowance benefit claimants, adding £150m to a repayments bill already estimated at £340m.

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2. Esther McVey added: "And where we need to put our hands up, admit things might not be be going right, we will do.

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3. The last time Esther McVey was at DWP she was ejected from parliament by the voters of Wirral West.

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4. On 8 January 2018, Esther McVey was appointed as Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, a post she held until 15 November 2018 when she resigned over the Brexit deal.

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5. Esther McVey served in the Cameron Government as Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Disabled People from 2012 to 2013, prior to being appointed Minister of State at the Department for Work and Pensions from 2013 to 2015.

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6. Esther McVey was another Brexit-supporting minister that had previously been tipped for resignation alongside international development secretary Penny Mordaunt.

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7. Esther McVey joins Dominic Raab in resigning over Brexit withdrawal deal.

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8. Esther McVey was born in Liverpool and graduated in law.

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9. Esther McVey has been the secretary of state for work and pensions since January 8, 2018.

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10. Esther McVey was in tears, according to three officials with knowledge of the meeting, who added that the pensions.

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11. Esther McVey was in tears, according to three officials with knowledge of the meeting, who added that the pensions secretary demanded that the Cabinet be given the chance to vote on.

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12. Esther McVey was reportedly "in tears" after being "shouted" at during the crunch Brexit cabinet meeting on Wednesday night.

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13. Esther McVey was forced to confess thousands of households will lose out when the welfare overhaul.

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14. Esther McVey has just been owned by mental health charity Mind.

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15. Esther McVey keeps telling lies because no one but the Tories support universal credit roll out.

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16. Esther McVey recently referenced Mind in a speech about Universal Credit.

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17. Esther McVey makes claim about charity—and incredible twitter thread immediately shows her up.

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18. On Monday, Work and Pensions Secretary Esther McVey revealed a series of changes to the flagship benefits programme.

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19. Esther McVey has said that there are problems with Universal Credit.

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20. Esther McVey returned to the family business after university, while undertaking a postgraduate course in Radio Journalism at City University, before embarking on a career in the media, both as a presenter and producer.

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21. Esther McVey confirms Brits claiming Universal Credit will have waiting time for first payment cut from five weeks to three.

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22. Esther McVey is one of those politicians whose mendacity towards representative politics is matched only by her indifference to the very people she is responsible for as Secretary of State for Work and Pensions—many of whom are genuinely vulnerable people.

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23. Esther McVey says she has been falsely connected with a campaigning company.

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24. Esther McVey has slid: that will be the impact of the Universal Credit row.

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25. Esther McVey has previously been in a relationship with BBC producer Mal Young, as well as former Conservative frontbencher Ed Vaizey.

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26. The last time Esther McVey was at DWP she was rightly ejected from parliament by the voters of Wirral West, not least for her callous attitude to claimants.

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27. In April 2017, Esther McVey was selected to succeed George Osborne as the Conservative candidate for the June 2017 general election in his safe seat of Tatton.

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28. In the 2015 general election Esther McVey was defeated by the Labour candidate Margaret Greenwood who gained the Wirral West seat by 417 votes.

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29. Esther McVey was sworn into the Privy Council on 27 February 2014.

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30. In the 2010 general election, Esther McVey gained Wirral West defeating the Labour candidate, Phil Davies, by a 2,436 majority.

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31. Esther McVey returned to Liverpool and set up her own business, Making It Ltd, which provides training for small and medium enterprises, as well as providing office space for new startup businesses which led to her founding "Winning Women", supported by funding from the North West Regional Development Agency.

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32. Esther McVey says—I paraphrase—cutting benefits is a good idea because people will go to work, earn a wage and, thereby, be better off.

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