83 Facts About Jeremy Hunt

1. Jeremy Hunt said: "To my knowledge there has not been a change in the team.

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2. Jeremy Hunt said: "To my knowledge there has not been a change in the team.

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3. Jeremy Hunt said: "To my knowledge there has not been a change in the team.

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4. Jeremy Hunt said: "To my knowledge there has not been a change in the team.

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5. Jeremy Hunt described the Brexit wrangling over the Northern Irish backstop as "a very challenging situation".

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6. Jeremy Hunt said: "To my knowledge there has not been a change in the team.

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7. Jeremy Hunt said: "To my knowledge there has not been a change in the team.

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8. Jeremy Hunt said: "To my knowledge there has not been a change in the team.

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9. Jeremy Hunt said that additional pressure should be placed on Maduro and his inner circle in Venezuela, primarily through economic sanctions.

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10. Jeremy Hunt said: "To my knowledge there has not been a change in the team.

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11. Jeremy Hunt said Crawford Falconer, the chief trade negotiator at the Department for International Trade, would not be added to the team leading the negotiations with Brussels, despite assurances given to Brexiter MPs.

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12. Jeremy Hunt claimed changes to the withdrawal agreement could be made if the UK could allay Irish fears about a possible hard border and those of the wider EU about the integrity of the single market.

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13. Jeremy Hunt complains of fake news and propaganda of foreign states.

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14. Jeremy Hunt is one of the richest politicians in England.

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15. Jeremy Hunt met Lucia Guo at a Hotcourses event in Warwick, England, in 2008.

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16. Jeremy Hunt got the idea for Hotcourses after a stint teaching English in Japan.

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17. Jeremy Hunt is married to Lucia Jeremy Hunt, who originally is from Xian, China.

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18. Jeremy Hunt is the British politician who was appointed to be Foreign Secretary after the sudden resignation of Boris Johnson.

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19. Jeremy Hunt is first senior European minister to agree to attend controversial meeting.

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20. Jeremy Hunt has made an apparent apology for Britain's 1939 policy to cap immigration into Palestine, calling it a "black moment" in history.

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21. Jeremy Hunt has described Britain's 1939 white paper capping immigration to Palestine as a "black moment" in history, in what is believed to be the first such remarks by a British foreign secretary.

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22. Jeremy Hunt said, "On the contrary, they strongly opposed them although those GP commissioners in a number of surrounding but different areas were happy with them.

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23. Jeremy Hunt was criticised for failing to appear in Parliament to answers MPs' questions about the strike, with his deputy saying he was too busy preparing for the strike.

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24. Jeremy Hunt has declared that patient choice was not key to improving NHS performance, in a major break from a policy favoured by Conservative and Labour governments over the past 12 years.

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25. Jeremy Hunt concluded: "What was not evident from the close consideration of events which the Inquiry undertook was any credible evidence of actual bias on the part of Mr Hunt.

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26. Jeremy Hunt appeared before the Leveson inquiry on 31 May 2012, when it emerged that Hunt had himself been in text and private email contact with James Murdoch.

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27. In July 2018, Jeremy Hunt expressed fears the UK could crash out of the EU without a deal.

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28. Jeremy Hunt has repaid the sum claimed, £1,996, in full.

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29. Jeremy Hunt repaid £1,996 for claiming the expenses of his Farnham home while claiming the mortgage of his Hammersmith home.

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30. Jeremy Hunt was consequently appointed a Privy Councillor on 13 May 2010.

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31. Jeremy Hunt was elected to represent the constituency of South West Surrey with a majority of 5,711.

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32. In 1991, Jeremy Hunt co-founded a public relations agency named Profile PR specialising in IT with Mike Elms, a childhood friend.

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33. Jeremy Hunt was active in the Oxford University Conservative Association, and was elected to serve as President in 1987.

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34. Jeremy Hunt became involved in Conservative politics while at university, where David Cameron and Boris Johnson were contemporaries.

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35. Jeremy Hunt was appointed to the additional portfolio of social care in England in January 2018.

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36. At the head of a political delegation, Jeremy Hunt will travel to Tehran on Monday during which he will hold talks with Iranian Foreign Minister, Mohammad.

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37. Jeremy Hunt is to raise the case of the murdered journalist Jamal Khashoggi during a visit to Saudi Arabia.

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38. Jeremy Hunt says he raised Khashoggi murder in 'frank' talks with Saudi royals.

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39. Jeremy Hunt says real prospect for Yemen peace talks but situation still desperate.

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40. Jeremy Hunt will be the first senior British minister to visit Saudi.

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41. Jeremy Hunt continues for stolen Picasso masterpiece The hunt is still on for.

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42. Jeremy Hunt addressed the awkward coincidence of Brexit and the centenary of the Armistice marking the Anglo-French victory in the first world war by claiming relations between the two countries were bigger than Brexit.

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43. Jeremy Hunt uses French phrase for having cake and eat it.

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44. Jeremy Hunt will attempt to overcome the awkward coincidence of Brexit and the centenary of the Armistice marking the Anglo-French victory in the first world war by claiming relations between the two countries are bigger than Brexit.

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45. Jeremy Hunt speaks Japanese as he studied the language for two years while he was working in Japan as an English language teacher in the 1990s.

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46. In August 2018, Jeremy Hunt defended Britain's alliance with Saudi Arabia after a bomb dropped on a school bus in Yemen killed 51 people, including 40 children, although he said he was "deeply shocked" at the deaths.

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47. Jeremy Hunt has supported the Saudi Arabian-led military intervention in Yemen and described Saudi Arabia as a "very, very important military ally".

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48. Jeremy Hunt said "My principal job at a time of massive importance for our country is to stand four square behind the Prime Minister so that we can get through an agreement with the European Union based on what was agreed by the Cabinet last week at Chequers.

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49. Jeremy Hunt failed to disclose his interest in the property firm on the Parliamentary Register of Members' interests within the required 28 days.

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50. Jeremy Hunt stated that the cuts were necessary because neighbouring South London Healthcare NHS Trust had been losing more than £1m every week.

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51. In 2012, Jeremy Hunt attempted to downgrade casualty and maternity units in Lewisham.

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52. Jeremy Hunt stated that the negotiations should focus on Saturday pay as the only remaining issue while the BMA stated they would discuss other problems such as safe working hours, recruitment and retention of doctors, and gender equality in the new contract.

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53. In July 2015, Jeremy Hunt indicated that he would be prepared to impose a new consultant contract on doctors in England which would remove the opt out for non-emergency work on weekends.

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54. In February 2018, Jeremy Hunt attracted attention after defending the universal coverage provided by the NHS against US President Donald Trump, saying "I may disagree with claims made on that march but not ONE of them wants to live in a system where 28m people have no cover.

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55. In January 2018, Jeremy Hunt apologised to patients in England affected by the decision to postpone tens of thousands of operations.

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56. Jeremy Hunt stated UK medical students would be forced to work in the NHS for at least four years or have to repay the cost of their training, around £220,000.

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57. Jeremy Hunt criticised those who sought "big profits" at the expense of the NHS and taxpayers and promised to "reduce the margins rip-off agencies are able to generate.

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58. In July 2015, Jeremy Hunt became the subject of the first petition on a new UK Government website to reach the threshold of 100,000 signatures required for a petition to be considered for debate in Parliament.

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59. In 2014 Jeremy Hunt asked the Chief Medical Officer to initiate expert reviews of three homoeopathic studies carried out by Boiron, a French manufacturer of homoeopathic products.

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60. Jeremy Hunt was appointed Health Secretary in a cabinet reshuffle on 4 September 2012, succeeding Andrew Lansley.

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61. Jeremy Hunt campaigned to increase the emphasis on the importance of the tourism industry, especially the potential of the Chinese tourist market.

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62. In the aftermath, Jeremy Hunt set up the school games as an Olympic Legacy project.

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63. Jeremy Hunt took the decision to double the budget for the Danny Boyle-directed opening ceremony which received acclaim, and overall the Games were considered a huge success internationally.

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64. Jeremy Hunt said Lord Justice Leveson should be able to investigate and rule on the accusations and requested the earliest date possible to give evidence to the Inquiry to set out his side of the story.

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65. Jeremy Hunt chose not to refer the deal to the Competition Commission, announcing on 3 March 2011 that he intended to accept a series of undertakings given by News Corporation, paving the way for the deal to be approved.

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66. Jeremy Hunt was consequently given the quasi-judicial power to adjudicate over the News Corporation takeover bid for BSkyB.

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67. Jeremy Hunt fears the UK could crash out of the EU without a deal.

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68. Jeremy Hunt supported Britain remaining in the European Union in the 2016 referendum.

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69. In 2009, Jeremy Hunt was investigated by the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards.

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70. Jeremy Hunt was elected at the 2005 general election, after the previous Conservative MP Virginia Bottomley was created a life peeress.

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71. Jeremy Hunt was educated at Charterhouse School where he was Head Boy.

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72. Jeremy Hunt was raised in Shere, Surrey, near the constituency that he represents in Parliament.

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73. Jeremy Hunt is a descendant of Streynsham Master, a pioneer of the East India Company.

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74. Jeremy Hunt was born in Lambeth Hospital, Kennington, the eldest son of Admiral Sir Nicholas Hunt, who was then a Commander in the Royal Navy assigned to work for the Director of Naval Plans inside the recently created Ministry of Defence, and his wife Meriel Eve nee Givan, daughter of Major Henry Cooke Givan.

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75. On 3 June 2018, Jeremy Hunt became the longest-serving Health Secretary in British political history.

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76. Jeremy Hunt served in the Cabinet as Culture Secretary and Minister for the Olympics from 2010 to 2012, where he spearheaded the drive for local TV, resulting in Ofcom awarding local TV broadcasting licences to several cities and towns.

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77. Jeremy Hunt was born in Kennington and studied Philosophy, Politics, and Economics at Magdalen College, Oxford, where he was President of the Oxford University Conservative Association.

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78. Jeremy Hunt has doubled down on controversial comments likening the European Union to the former Soviet Union.

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79. Jeremy Hunt says top diplomatic jobs open to non-civil servants.

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80. Jeremy Hunt is giving the wrong answers to the right questions.

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81. Jeremy Hunt sets out policy vision for UK's global relationships.

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82. Jeremy Hunt uses WhatsApp to communicate with fellow foreign ministers—and ordered three new "bat phones" after becoming Foreign Secretary, he revealed tonight.

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83. Jeremy Hunt talks to foreign ministers on WhatsApp—and has ordered new 'bat phones' for secret chats.

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