19 Facts About Ampol


Ampol Limited is an Australian petroleum company headquartered in Sydney, New South Wales.

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In 1995, Ampol merged with Caltex to form Australian Petroleum, which in 1997 became Caltex Australia.

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Australian Motorists Petrol Company, simply known as Ampol, was incorporated by Sir William Gaston Walkley in 1936 in New South Wales.

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In 1982, Ampol purchased the marketing and refining assets of Total Australia and changed its name to Ampol Limited.

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In 1988, Ampol was fully taken over by Pioneer International and delisted from the ASX the following year.

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The following year, Ampol purchased Solo, the largest independent retailer and distributor in Australia at that time.

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Ampol would have to cease using the licensed Caltex trademarks thirty months after the termination of the trademark licence agreement .

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The first part of the work-out period was an 18-month "exclusivity period" where Ampol had exclusive rights to use the Caltex brand until 31 December 2021.

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Ampol planned to rebrand its sites in Sydney and Melbourne in August 2020, followed by Brisbane and Adelaide in October 2020, Perth in November 2020 and nationally in 2021.

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In late 2020, EG Australia, the owner of former Woolworths service stations co-branded with Caltex, sued Ampol regarding the latter's rebranding, accusing them of "misleading or deceptive conduct".

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EG accused Ampol of making "false representations" about the status of the latter's branding agreement with Chevron in that the then-Caltex Australia could use the Caltex brand for a long time.

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EG accused Ampol for failing to disclose that the latter was already locked in discussions with Chevron about the future of the trademark licence agreement.

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The resolution allowed Ampol to continue to be the exclusive supplier to all EG stores under the agreement, and paved the way for the rebranding from Caltex to Ampol in EG stores by the end of the year.

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Consequently, Ampol was ordered to cease using those statements at Ampol stations or in advertising with effect from 2 August 2021.

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Ampol-branded sites can have any of the following types of convenience store formats.

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Ampol agreed to continue supply Gull with petrol for five years following the sale.

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In 2020, Ampol was announced as the sponsor of the State of Origin series until 2023.

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Under its new brand, in August 2020, Ampol continued its sponsorship relationship with the Red Bull Holden Racing for the Triple Eight Race Engineering, with the team updating its car livery and race suits to Ampol and its fuel brands.

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In 2021, Ampol replaced Holden as the team's Major Sponsor for Triple Eight alongside Red Bull, and the team was renamed Red Bull Ampol Racing.

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