38 Facts About Andre Dawson


Andre Nolan Dawson was born on July 10,1954, and nicknamed "The Hawk" and "Awesome Dawson", is an American former professional baseball player and inductee into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

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Andre Dawson is one of eight MLB players with at least 300 home runs and 300 stolen bases during his career.

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Andre Dawson led the NL in outfield putouts three consecutive years, and won eight Gold Glove Awards for fielding excellence.

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Andre Dawson was known for his incredible work ethic and study of the game.

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Andre Dawson was often seen in the dugout with a clipboard in-hand documenting pitches and pitcher tendencies.

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Andre Dawson set Expos franchise records for career games, at bats, runs scored, hits, doubles, triples, home runs, runs batted in, extra base hits, total bases and steals, all of which have since been broken variously by Tim Raines, Tim Wallach and Vladimir Guerrero.

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Andre Dawson was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame on July 25,2010.

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Andre Dawson was selected by the Expos in the 11th round of the 1975 Major League Baseball draft.

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Andre Dawson played in 24 major league games in 1976 after making his debut on September 11.

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Andre Dawson's stardom rose in 1977 when he became an everyday outfielder for the Expos, and batted.

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Andre Dawson was awarded the 1977 Rookie of the Year in the National League, narrowly beating out Steve Henderson of the New York Mets.

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Andre Dawson had a blend of power and speed, hitting at least 20 home runs in seven seasons with the Expos, and stealing at least 20 bases in his first seven seasons.

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Andre Dawson, playing primarily center field for the Expos, became an excellent defensive player, gaining his first of eight Gold Glove Awards in 1980.

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Andre Dawson was voted the Montreal Expos Player of the Year in 1981 and 1983.

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Andre Dawson played 1,443 games with the Expos, fourth highest in franchise history, and set single-season club records for home runs, RBI, extra base hits, and sacrifice flies.

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Andre Dawson still holds the Expos career record for sacrifice flies, and is the only player to hit 200 home runs and steal 200 bases with Montreal.

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In 1984 Andre Dawson appeared in The Cap, a short film about a young boy living in Montreal that was given a baseball cap by Andre Dawson.

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Andre Dawson played for the Expos until after the 1986 season when he became a free agent and sought a team whose home field had natural grass, as his knee injuries were aggravated by Olympic Stadium's artificial turf.

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Andre Dawson became the Cubs' starting right fielder, and hit a major league leading 49 home runs and was named the league's MVP, finally winning after the two years as runner-up in Montreal.

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Andre Dawson earned his fourth All-Star nod and won the Home Run Derby that year.

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Andre Dawson was the first player to ever win a league MVP trophy from a last place team.

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Andre Dawson played five more seasons with the Cubs, and was one of the franchise's most popular players during that time.

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Andre Dawson would have knee surgery the following year as well, and only managed to play 75 games in his second and final season with Boston.

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Andre Dawson played his last two years with the Florida Marlins, where he played sparingly, retiring after the 1996 season.

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Andre Dawson returned to the Marlins shortly thereafter when he accepted a position in the team's front office, where Dawson got his first World Series ring in 2003.

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Andre Dawson owns The Mahogany Grille, a soul food restaurant in Miami Gardens, Florida, and the Paradise Memorial Funeral Home in Richmond Heights, Florida.

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Andre Dawson entered the funeral business in 2003, investing in a funeral home his younger brother owned, and became the owner and operator of Paradise Memorial in 2008.

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Andre Dawson has regularly attended Chicago Cubs functions since his retirement, and is a fan favorite.

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Andre Dawson has appeared in a "Discount Double-Check" commercial for State Farm Insurance that features former Cubs pitcher Kerry Wood.

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Andre Dawson released his autobiography If You Love This Game: An MVP's Life in Baseball in May 2012.

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Andre Dawson finished his career with 2,774 hits, 438 home runs, 314 stolen bases, and 1,591 RBI.

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In 2019, Andre Dawson was inducted into the National College Baseball Hall of Fame.

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Andre Dawson was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2010, his ninth year of eligibility, rising from an initial vote total of 45.

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Andre Dawson did it the right way, the natural way, and he did it in the field and on the bases and in every way, and I hope he will stand up here someday.

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Andre Dawson was the second player in the Hall of Fame whose plaque depicts him with an Expos logo, after Gary Carter.

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The Hall noted that "Andre Dawson had 1,575 of his 2,774 hits as an Expo, won six of his eight Gold Glove awards in Montreal and led the Expos to their only postseason series win".

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Andre Dawson used to work out with a men's team that would hit him ground balls at practice.

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Andre Dawson's uncle told him that most kids his age would shy away from the ball, but Andre Dawson attacked the ball like a hawk.

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