11 Facts About Andrei Shleifer


Andrei Shleifer is a Russian-American economist and Professor of Economics at Harvard University, where he has taught since 1991.

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Andrei Shleifer was awarded the biennial John Bates Clark Medal in 1999 for his seminal works in three fields: corporate finance, the economics of financial markets, and the economics of transition.

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Andrei Shleifer served as project director of the Harvard Institute for International Development's Russian aid project from its inauguration in 1992 until 1997, where he and his associates made Russian investments, and settled a lawsuit from the U S government for such a violation of HIID's contract.

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Andrei Shleifer was born to a Jewish family in the Soviet Union and emigrated to Rochester, New York, as a teenager in 1976, where he attended an inner-city school and learned English from episodes of Charlie's Angels.

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Andrei Shleifer then studied mathematics, obtaining his B A from Harvard University in 1982.

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Andrei Shleifer met his mentor and professor, Lawrence Summers, during his undergraduate education at Harvard.

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Andrei Shleifer has held a tenured position in the Department of Economics at Harvard University since 1991 and was, from 2001 through 2006, the Whipple V N Jones Professor of Economics.

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Andrei Shleifer has written influential papers on political economy, the economics of transition, and economic development, collaborating with his former colleagues in Chicago, Kevin M Murphy and Robert W Vishny.

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In 1994 Andrei Shleifer founded with fellow academics—and behavioral finance specialists—Josef Lakonishok and Robert Vishny a Chicago-based money management firm known as LSV Asset Management.

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Andrei Shleifer was tasked with establishing a stock market for Russia that would be a world-class capital market.

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Andrei Shleifer was responsible for paying $2 million worth of damages, though he did not admit any wrongdoing.

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