20 Facts About Andrew Cashner


Andrew Burton Cashner was born on September 11,1986 and is an American former professional baseball pitcher.

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Andrew Cashner played in Major League Baseball for the Chicago Cubs, San Diego Padres, Miami Marlins, Texas Rangers, Baltimore Orioles, and Boston Red Sox.

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Andrew Cashner's father, Jeff, runs a family mortuary business while his mother, Jane, is a seamstress.

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Andrew Cashner began playing baseball during his childhood, practicing with his brother and mother on a regulation-size baseball diamond which his parents constructed on their property.

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Andrew Cashner graduated from Conroe High School in 2005 and was drafted by the Atlanta Braves, but decided to attend college instead.

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Andrew Cashner was drafted in college by the Colorado Rockies and Chicago Cubs, but only accepted the latter team's second offer when they made him a first-round draft pick.

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Andrew Cashner was rated the Cubs fourth-best prospect prior to the 2010 season by Baseball America.

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Andrew Cashner was called up to the majors for the first time on May 31,2010.

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However, Andrew Cashner only made one start for the team before being forced out with a rotator cuff injury.

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Andrew Cashner began the season as a relief pitcher, appearing in 27 games in relief and compiling a 3.

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On July 27,2013, Andrew Cashner hit his first career home run off of Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Josh Collmenter.

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Tabata was forced out when Andrew Cashner McCutchen hit into a double play to end the inning.

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Andrew Cashner threw 97 pitches, struck out 7 and did not walk a batter.

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Andrew Cashner was the unanimous winner of the Clyde McCullough Pitcher of the Year Award, awarded to the Padres top pitcher by the San Diego chapter of the Baseball Writers' Association of America.

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Andrew Cashner missed about three months of the season with elbow, shoulder, and neck injuries and was winless for 11 straight starts despite a 2.

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Andrew Cashner had the lowest left on base percentage of all major league pitchers, stranding only 65.

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In 2016, Andrew Cashner began in the rotation before being traded midseason.

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Andrew Cashner rebounded from the previous couple of seasons to post his strongest season of his career.

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On February 15,2018, Andrew Cashner signed a two-year, $16 million contract with the Baltimore Orioles that contained a vesting option for a third year.

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Andrew Cashner relies mainly on a four-seam fastball that can surpass 100 miles per hour.

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