12 Facts About Andrew Dunlop


Andrew James Dunlop, Baron Dunlop was born on 21 June 1959 and is a British politician and life peer.

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Andrew Dunlop sits in the House of Lords on the Conservative benches.

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Andrew Dunlop was born at Helensburgh in Dunbartonshire and went to school at Glenalmond College and The Glasgow Academy.

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Andrew Dunlop then read Politics and Economics at the University of Edinburgh under the tutorship of Professor John Mackintosh, formerly Labour MP for Berwick and East Lothian, graduating with an MA degree.

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Andrew Dunlop subsequently completed a Postgraduate Diploma in European Competition Law at King's College, London.

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Andrew Dunlop then joined the Conservative Research Department, first holding the Trade and Industry brief before becoming head of the political section.

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Andrew Dunlop served as a special adviser to the Defence Secretary, then George Younger MP in Margaret Thatcher's cabinet.

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Andrew Dunlop worked at 10 Downing Street under PM Margaret Thatcher.

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Andrew Dunlop covered a range of policy areas during his stint in the No 10 Policy Unit including Scotland, UK Defence procurement, employment and training policy.

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In 2012, Andrew Dunlop was appointed chief adviser to Prime Minister David Cameron.

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Andrew Dunlop played a key role in devising the British Government's response to the Scottish Independence campaign.

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Andrew Dunlop previously served as a Horsham District Councillor representing Cowfold, Shermanbury and West Grinstead Ward.

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