18 Facts About Angola Three


Angola Three are three African-American former prison inmates who were held for decades in solitary confinement while imprisoned at Louisiana State Penitentiary.

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Angola Three was released October 1,2013, due to a judge overturning his original indictment due to the lack of female jurors.

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Angola Three was released on February 19,2016, after the prosecution agreed to drop its push for a retrial and accept his plea of no contest to lesser charges of burglary and manslaughter.

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Angola Three said he would have liked the chance to prove his innocence, but chose the plea deal because of advanced age and health issues.

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Angola Three began to learn about African-American history and the justice system.

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Angola Three was released in 2001, the first of the Angola 3 to gain freedom.

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In 2000, the Angola Three filed a civil suit against the Louisiana Department of Corrections "challenging the inhumane and increasingly pervasive practice of long-term solitary confinement".

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Angola Three told an NPR reporter that he believed that they had been moved from solitary because of increasing political pressure about the case, as well as the men's civil suit against the state regarding solitary confinement.

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In March 2009 Wallace, along with a group of 15 inmates from Angola Three, was moved to Elayn Hunt Correctional Center and placed in a newly created closed-cell isolation tier.

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In November 2010, Woodfox was moved from Angola Three to David Wade Correctional Center, which was a much greater travelling distance for his lawyers and supporters.

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Angola Three had earlier been thought to have a stomach condition.

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Angola Three's order barred a third trial from taking place, as he noted that most of the witnesses had died and he believed that it was unlikely that Woodfox could gain a fair trial.

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Angola Three was released based on time served, on February 19,2016, his 69th birthday.

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Angola Three's father had worked in the prison, and a brother was a prison guard at the same time as Brent Miller.

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Angola Three said that they had never been held in solitary confinement but were in "protective cell units known as CCR [Closed Cell Restricted]".

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Burl Cain, the former warden of Angola Three, repeatedly said in 2008 and 2009 that Woodfox and Wallace had to be held in CCR because they subscribed to "Black Pantherism".

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Angola Three spoke before the parliaments of the Netherlands, France, Portugal, Indonesia, Brazil and United Kingdom about the case, and about political prisoners in the United States.

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The Angola Three were the subject of two documentaries: Angola 3: Black Panthers and the Last Slave Plantation, produced by Scott Crow and Ann Harkness; and In the Land of the Free, directed by Vadim Jean and narrated by Samuel L Jackson.

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