16 Facts About Anna Graceman


Anna Graceman is an American singer, songwriter and recording artist whose self-penned songs and music have garnered national recognition.


Anna Graceman has been featured on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, America's Got Talent, and CBS News,.


On June 1,2020, Graceman appeared on NBC's show Songland starring Ryan Tedder, Shane McAnally, and Ester Dean.


On May 29,2020, Anna Graceman released her latest studio album, The Way The Night Behaves.


At three months old, Anna Graceman's parents started displaying flashcards for her to read and gain word association.


At the age of two, Anna Graceman was not afraid of singing in front of crowds.


In 2012, Disney approached Anna Graceman and requested the right to non-exclusively license her early original YouTube videos.


The judges include such notable songwriters as Tom Waits, Jeff Beck, Bernie Taupin and Mark Foster In 2014, Anna Graceman stated that she had moved to Nashville, Tennessee to pursue her songwriting and work with the musicians there.


From ages 6 to 16, Anna Graceman had reportedly written, released and performed 70 of her songs, many of which were self-released as singles and album compilations.


Anna Graceman writes both the lyrics and the melodies for all of her songs, and typically only sings and performs her own material.


Anna Graceman said that her family had been putting videos up on YouTube since April 2008.


Anna Graceman received a standing ovation from Howie Mandel, Piers Morgan, and Sharon Osbourne, the show's three judges.


Anna Graceman's self-accompanied performance of "Home Sweet Home" earned her another standing ovation from the judges, and a spot in the Top 10.


Anna Graceman plays piano as grand as Sir Elton John and writes songs as gifted as Adele and her idol, Taylor Swift.


Anna Graceman appeared on NBC WSMV TV in Nashville to promote the festival.


Since the beginning of 2014, Anna Graceman has produced all of her released music.