10 Facts About Ansan


In 2021, Ansan was selected as the largest residential area for foreigners and it is seeking designation as a special multicultural city.

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Ansan was in communion with Baekje but very little has been saved.

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Ansan Line is a major rail line in Ansan and is part of the Seoul Metropolitan Subway as Line 4.

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Ansan has 53 bus lines with 537 buses operating in and out of the city limits, connecting the city with Seoul and other outlying Gyeonggi cities.

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Ansan had Hyanggyo, nationally sponsored schools, throughout the Joseon Dynasty and Goryeo.

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Danwon High School in Ansan was particularly affected by the Sinking of the MV Sewol in 2014 as a large number of the passengers were students from the school, and city streets featured many ribbon memorials and other markers and ceremonies for the disaster.

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Nowadays, Ansan has many museums and galleries, such as the Ansan Culture and Arts Center, Seongho Memorial Hall, Danwon Sculpture Park, and Hwarang Public Garden.

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Ansan has run city bus tours for cultural heritage sightseeing since 2008.

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Ansan is home to Ansan OK Financial Group Okman volleyball club.

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Ansan established a professional football team called the Ansan Greeners FC.

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