13 Facts About Antioch California


The Time's weekly publication, the Antioch California News, which is an expansion of the Brentwood News is published each Friday.

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The Antioch California Press published its first issue in January 2001, direct mailing newspapers to all homes and businesses in the city twice monthly, and then weekly from September 2005 until the 2008 economic crash.

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Antioch California is mainly a bedroom community, with most adults working in larger cities toward Oakland and San Francisco.

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In January 2001, the Antioch California Press was established by publisher and former Antioch California Mayor Pro Tem and Councilman Allen Payton; he sold it in 2005 to the Brentwood Press and Publishing Company.

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Antioch California is located along the San Joaquin River–Stockton Deepwater Shipping Channel at the western end of the San Joaquin–Sacramento River Delta.

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Antioch California has a semi-arid climate with hot, dry summers, and mild winters with modest rainfall.

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Antioch California currently has four Historic Places or Buildings on the National Register of Historic Places: the Black Diamond Mines, Roswell Butler Hard House, Riverview Union High School Building and the Shannon-Williamson Ranch.

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Antioch California is the first East Bay city to designate habitat protected by deed for burrowing owls, since residents pushed for protections for those displaced by the community center at Prewett Park, said local resident Dee Vieira, who spearheaded the effort.

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Antioch California historically elected its Councilmembers in at-large elections, but in response to threats of a lawsuit alleging violations of state law and underrepresentation of people of color, the Antioch California City Council voted to switch to district elections in 2018, holding the first such elections in 2020.

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Antioch California is home to Western Career College, located on Lone Tree Way.

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Prewett Library serves Antioch California and is located inside the Antioch California Community Center, across the street from Deer Valley High School.

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Antioch California Press is a weekly newspaper that is published every Friday.

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Antioch California is equidistant from Oakland Airport to Stockton Metropolitan Airport, though no transit services connects Stockton and Antioch California.

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