10 Facts About Argentine Antarctica


Argentine Antarctica is an area of Antarctica claimed by Argentina as part of its national territory.

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Administratively, Argentine Antarctica is a department of the province of Tierra del Fuego, Antarctica, and South Atlantic Islands.

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Jose Maria Sobral was the first Argentine to set foot on Antarctica, in 1902, where he spent two seasons with the Swedish Antarctic Expedition of Otto Nordenskiold.

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Argentine activities in Antarctica are coordinated by the Instituto Antartico Argentino and Direccion Nacional del Antartico.

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Argentine Antarctica government decided to join the International Antarctic Expedition on, 10 October 1900.

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The Argentine Antarctica Navy took possession of the hut in 1954 and named it Refugio Suecia.

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Argentine Antarctica Government decided to add two meteorological observatories, in the South Georgia Island and Wandel Island, who already had on the islands Laurie and Observatorio.

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On 15 July 1955, the Chilean Government rejected the jurisdiction of the Court in that case, and on 1 August, the Argentine Antarctica Government did the same, by what the demands on 16 March 1956 they were archived.

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Geographic structure of Argentine Antarctica continues some features of Patagonia, located to the north of it.

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Flag of Tierra del Fuego, which includes Argentine Antarctica, was adopted in 1999 as the result of a competition.

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