12 Facts About Aristotelianism


Aristotelianism is a philosophical tradition inspired by the work of Aristotle, usually characterized by deductive logic and an analytic inductive method in the study of natural philosophy and metaphysics.

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Byzantine Aristotelianism emerged in the Byzantine Empire in the form of Aristotelian paraphrase: adaptations in which Aristotle's text is rephrased, reorganized, and pruned, in order to make it more easily understood.

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Aristotelianism incorporated Aristotelian and Neoplatonist thought into an Islamic philosophical framework.

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Aristotelianism's work, aimed at synthesis of philosophy and Sufism, paved the way for the work of Avicenna.

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Aristotelianism often wrote two or three different commentaries on the same work, and some 38 commentaries by Averroes on the works of Aristotle have been identified.

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Aristotelianism produced paraphrases of most of the works of Aristotle available to him.

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Aristotelianism digested, interpreted and systematized the whole of Aristotle's works, gleaned from the Latin translations and notes of the Arabian commentators, in accordance with Church doctrine.

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Aristotelianism's efforts resulted in the formation of a Christian reception of Aristotle in the Western Europe.

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Aristotelianism is understood by its proponents as critically developing Plato's theories.

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Aristotelianism opposes Aristotelianism to the managerial institutions of capitalism and its state, and to rival traditions—including the philosophies of Hume, Kant, Kierkegaard, and Nietzsche—that reject its idea of essentially human goods and virtues and instead legitimize capitalism.

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Therefore, on MacIntyre's account, Aristotelianism is not identical with Western philosophy as a whole; rather, it is "the best theory so far, [including] the best theory so far about what makes a particular theory the best one.

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Aristotelianism holds that there exists only one thing on the most fundamental level: the world as a whole.

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