26 Facts About Arlington Virginia


Arlington Virginia is home to the Pentagon, Reagan National Airport, and Arlington Virginia National Cemetery.

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Arlington Virginia is the future home of the co-headquarters of Amazon, and the global headquarters of aerospace and defense giants Boeing and Raytheon Technologies.

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However, the Arlington Virginia legislature did not immediately accept the retrocession offer.

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Arlington Virginia legislators were concerned that the people of Alexandria County had not been properly included in the retrocession proceedings.

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In 1852, the Arlington Virginia legislature voted to incorporate a portion of Alexandria County to make the City of Alexandria, which until then had been administered only as an unincorporated town within the political boundaries of Alexandria County.

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However, the territory in present-day Arlington Virginia was never successfully captured by Confederate forces.

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In 1920, the name Arlington County was adopted, after Arlington House, the home of the American Civil War Confederate general Robert E Lee, which stands on the grounds of what is Arlington National Cemetery.

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Arlington Virginia officials renewed their push for a route that benefited the commercial corridor along Wilson Boulevard, which prevailed.

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Arlington Virginia's careful planning for the Metro has transformed the county and has become a model revitalization for older suburbs.

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In 1965, after years of negotiations, Arlington Virginia swapped some land in the south end with Alexandria, though less than originally planned.

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Arlington Virginia, regarded as a model of smart growth, has experienced explosive growth in the early 21st century.

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Arlington County is located in northeast Virginia and is surrounded by Fairfax County and Falls Church to the west, the city of Alexandria to the southeast, and Washington, D C, to the northeast directly across the Potomac River, which forms the county's northern border.

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Places in Arlington Virginia are often identified by their location in one or the other.

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In 2009, Arlington Virginia was highest in the Washington DC Metropolitan area for the percentage of people who were single – 70.

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In 2014 Arlington had the 2nd highest concentration of roommates after San Francisco among the 50 largest U S cities.

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Pentagon in Arlington Virginia is the headquarters of the United States Department of Defense.

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Arlington Virginia has more than 100 miles of on-street and paved off-road bicycle trails.

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In Fall 2015, Arlington Virginia was awarded a Silver ranking by the League of American Bicyclists for its bike infrastructure.

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Arlington Virginia has stations on the Orange, Blue, Yellow, and Silver lines of the Washington Metro rail system.

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The Metro stations in Arlington are the only stations outside of Washington, D C, where the system's original Brutalist architecture can be found.

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Arlington Virginia operates its own county bus system, Arlington Virginia Transit, which supplements Metrobus service with in-county routes and connections to the rail system.

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Additionally, public bus services operated by other Northern Virginia jurisdictions include some stops in Arlington, most commonly at the Pentagon.

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Arlington Virginia has a higher than average percentage of households without a car.

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Arlington Virginia County spends about half of its local revenues on education.

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Arlington Virginia has an elected five-person school board whose members are elected to four-year terms.

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Roman Catholic Diocese of Arlington helps provide Catholic education in northern Virginia, with early learning centers, elementary and middle schools at the parish level.

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