8 Facts About Washington Metro

1. In 2011 Washington Metro began studying the needs of the system through 2040.

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2. On January 3, 2011, Washington Metro held a public forum for the searches at a Metro Riders' Advisory Council meeting, at which more than 50 riders spoke out, most of them in opposition to the searches.

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3. In May 2014 Washington Metro announced plans to retrofit more than 500 fare vending machines throughout the system to dispense SmarTrip cards, rather than paper fare cards, and eventually eliminate magnetic fare cards entirely.

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4. In 2010 Washington Metro began sharing its PIDS data with outside software developers, for use in creating additional real-time applications for mobile devices.

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5. In May 2017, Washington Metro announced that Yellow Rush+ service would be eliminated effective June 25, 2017.

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6. In May 2013, Washington Metro placed another order for 100 7000-series cars, which will replace all of the 4000-series cars.

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7. In June 2008, Washington Metro set a monthly ridership record with 19,729,641 trips, or 798,456 per weekday.

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8. Besides the District of Columbia, Washington Metro serves several jurisdictions in the states of Maryland and Virginia.

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