10 Facts About Arrah


Arrah is a city and a municipal corporation in Bhojpur district in the Indian state of Bihar.

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Arrah has historically been known as Shahabad, a name given to it by Babur in 1529, when he camped here after his victory against the Afghans of Bihar.

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In 684BC Arrah was the part of the region ruled by Haryanka dynasty.

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Arrah is located at the elevation of 192 m from the sea level at the bank of Son river, Ganga River and Gangi River.

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Police in Arrah is headed by a Superintendent of Police, who is an Indian Police Service officer.

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Arrah is a holy place for Jains and there are 44 Jain temples in the city.

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Arrah had a Mohammedan wife with whom he lived 20 years with 6 children.

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Arrah House is a small British building in the premises of Maharaja College.

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Holy Saviour Church is a church in Arrah, built by the British in 1911, when King of United Kingdom George V visited the city.

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Jain Siddhant Bhawan is a Jain Library in Arrah which is illustrious for collecting centuries older manuscripts in various languages.

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