11 Facts About Aryan Brotherhood


The Aryan Brotherhood uses various terms, symbols, and images in order to identify itself, including shamrocks, swastikas, and other symbols.

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However, the relationship did not last long as the Aryan Brotherhood considered Manson "too leftist", while members took offense at the murder of pregnant actress Sharon Tate.

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Aryan Brotherhood grew quickly in the California prison system and eventually started a race war in 1975 with the other prison gangs such as the Mexican Mafia, La Nuestra Familia, and Black Guerilla Family.

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Aryan Brotherhood picked the lock, then attacked and killed Merle Clutts.

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In November 2020, more than sixty individuals that were associated with the Aryan Brotherhood were arrested in a multi-agency operation that took place in California, Montana, and Nevada.

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Investigators saw evidence that Aryan Brotherhood members were operating outside of prisons and noticed connections between the gang and violent crimes, firearms trafficking, and drug trafficking.

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The government saw these offenses occurring on the West Coast connections to the gang were made across the country, reaching as far as Alabama, all tied to the Aryan Brotherhood, eventually leading to the seizure of 80 pounds of methamphetamine, 5 pounds of heroin, and more than 25 firearms.

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Aryan Brotherhood has members inside federal and state prisons, and outside on the streets.

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Aryan Brotherhood is affiliated with a network of smaller peckerwood gangs, such as the Nazi Lowriders and Public Enemy No 1, and the national hate-based organization Aryan Nations.

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Aryan Brotherhood has associated in criminal ventures with the Hells Angels.

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Aryan Brotherhood uses various symbols and images to identify members, and the organization, and spoken or written mottos and oaths to secure them.

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