13 Facts About Atlantic history


Atlantic history is a specialty field in history that studies the Atlantic World in the early modern period.

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The Atlantic World was created by the discovery of a new land by Europeans, and Atlantic History is the study of that world.

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Researchers of Atlantic history typically focus on the interconnections and exchanges between these regions and the civilizations they harbored.

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Since the 1980s Atlantic history has emerged as an increasingly popular alternative to the older discipline of imperial history, although it could be argued that the field is simply a refinement and reorientation of traditional historiography dealing with the interaction between early modern Europeans and native peoples in the Atlantic sphere.

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Bernard Bailyn's Seminar on the History of the Atlantic World promoted social and demographic studies, and especially regarding demographic flows of population into colonial America.

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Alison Games explores the convergence of the multiple strands of scholarly interest that have generated the new field of Atlantic history, which takes as its geographic unit of analysis the Atlantic Ocean and the four continents that surround it.

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Atlantic history argues Atlantic history is best approached as a slice of world history.

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The Atlantic history, moreover, is a region that has logic as a unit of historical analysis only within a limited chronology.

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One impetus for Atlantic history studies began in the 1960s with the historians of slavery who started tracking the routes of the transatlantic slave trade.

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Many were trained in early modern European Atlantic history and were familiar with the historiography of the British Empire, which had been introduced a century before by George Louis Beer and Charles McLean Andrews.

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Atlantic history opens the horizon to large forces at work over great distances.

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Some critics have complained that Atlantic history is little more than imperial history under another name.

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Canadian scholar Ian K Steele argued that Atlantic history will tend to draw students interested in exploring their country's historian beyond national myths, while offering historical support for such 21st century policies as the North American Free Trade Agreement, the Organization of American States, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the New Europe, Christendom, and even the United Nations.

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