22 Facts About Atton Rand


Atton Rand is a fictional character and party member in Obsidian Entertainment's 2004 action role-playing video game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II - The Sith Lords.

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Atton Rand was designed with Han Solo as the character archetype.

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Atton Rand has received a positive reception, though several reviewers relied on fan-restored expanded content to fully inform their views of the character.

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Menze's initial image of Atton Rand was based on the singer Robert Palmer, and the character's costume design draws from Solo's attire.

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Atton Rand'sname was originally the unused name of the main character of Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy early during the game's development: the player character of Jedi Academy was eventually named Jaden Korr.

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Atton Rand was ultimately given more of a unique identity as they decided against the idea of a straightforward imitation, and would encourage the actor to bring their own personality to the character.

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The role of Atton Rand eventually went to Nicky Katt; Beckman and O'Farrell considered him to be a fresh voice who was not part of the "usual pool of voice actors who have performed in most video games at the time", and praised him for bringing the "tempo and energy needed to carry that first part of the game where he has a lot of dialogue".

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Atton Rand was featured in a number of plot scenarios that were eventually cut from the final game.

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Atton Rand is depicted as a roguish scoundrel who is an avid player of the Pazaak card game, and hides his dark past behind a laidback attitude; his irreverent style and predilection for Pazaak are part of the mental defenses he has built against the mind manipulation abilities of Force users.

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Atton Rand is an example of a stock character who makes throwback references to other works in the Star Wars media franchise, such as Han Solo's signature "I have a bad feeling about this" quote.

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Atton Rand is a human pilot that the Jedi Exile meets on the asteroid mining station Peragus II.

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Atton Rand explains that he originally served with the Republic military forces under Revan's command, and when Revan fell to the dark side and turned on the government the Jedi had sworn to protect, Atton Rand along with many other Republic military forces remained loyal to Revan, whom they consider to be their savior.

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Later during the war, Atton Rand was confronted by a female Jedi who informed him of his Force-sensitive nature and warned him that the Sith would undoubtedly compel him to train as a Dark Jedi if they find out about it.

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Atton Rand struck her down, but before her death, she opened up her mind to his, giving him a glimpse of the Force as she saw it.

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Enraged, Atton Rand killed her, though the impression she left caused him to become disillusioned, and he eventually deserted the Sith.

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Atton Rand continues to travel with the Exile, participating in the defense of Telos against a Sith armada led by Darth Nihilus and, shortly after, taking the Exile to Malachor V where they went on to defeat Darth Sion and Darth Traya.

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Should Atton Rand turn to the dark side and have a low influence rating with a player character who is female, he will attack fellow party member Mical out of jealousy for her affections.

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Character makes no further appearances in Star Wars media works, though Atton Rand has been mentioned in the MMO role playing game Star Wars: The Old Republic as well as several Star Wars reference books, such as Jedi vs Sith: The Essential Guide to the Force and the second volume of The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia.

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Atton Rand has been positively compared to Carth Onasi from the first game, with the former being considered the more interesting character.

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Fraser Brown from PCGamesN remarked that the optional content which allows the player to gain influence with Atton Rand, steer his moral alignment to match the player character's and finally train him as a Force user, is a good example of a side quest which could be just as important as the main quest.

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Matthew Byrd from Den of Geek considered Atton Rand to be one of the game's most important characters, and praised the fan-restored encounter with Darth Sion for providing a proper conclusion to the most enjoyable character story arc of The Sith Lords in his view.

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Travis Annabel from IGN noted that redemption is a core theme to any Star Wars story; while characters like Atton Rand have the opportunity to redeem himself for his past crimes, Annabel remarked that few of the game's main cast members are truly altruistic, which makes their narrative journey through the story of The Sith Lords much more interesting.

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