43 Facts About US Agent


US Agent was later redesigned as an incarnation of Captain America and a few years later, as U S Agent.

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US Agent continued to use that uniform in his 2001 miniseries, which followed the events in "Maximum Security" and was written and drawn by Jerry Ordway.

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US Agent grew up idolizing his older brother, Mike, a helicopter pilot who died in the Vietnam War in 1974.

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US Agent's parents are subsequently killed by the Watchdogs; this incident drives Walker closer to a mental breakdown, particularly when the Commission orders him not to step out of line in the future, resulting in him missing his parents' funeral due to his responsibilities.

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US Agent is given a new cover identity of "Jack Daniels" as well as speech therapy and work to erase old mannerisms in order to help hide the fact that he was the man the public had recently seen "assassinated".

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US Agent was first seen as the U S Agent, battling an Iron Monger as a test for the Commission.

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US Agent was placed as a watchdog of West Coast Avengers and the Vision by the Commission, as a condition to possibly get their government clearance reinstated.

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Manner of his appointment to the West Coast Avengers team, and his own abrasive attitude, saw U S Agent frequently come into conflict with his colleagues, in particular the headstrong Hawkeye, which culminated in a battle between the two that saw both suspended.

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Mike tries to convince U S Agent to join the Scourge program before letting him go in order to think it over.

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Angry at the fact that Hawkeye had abandoned his teammates when they had desperately needed his support to avoid the dissolution of the West Coast Avengers, U S Agent finds him and they initially fight before eventually reconciling, at which point U S Agent informs Hawkeye of all the recent changes – including the formation of Force Works and the death of Wonder Man .

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Two agree to put their spat aside and sleep, with U S Agent telling Hawkeye that he will be taking him back in the morning regardless of any objections, however when U S Agent wakes Hawkeye is gone – although he leaves him a note thanking him for helping him get some things off his chest, and letting him know that he is not all bad after all.

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Unfortunately Hawkeye only catches the part of the speech where Stark talks about Hawkeye's "loud mouthed opinions", switching the feed off before he hears Stark refer to Hawkeye as the backbone of the West Coast Avengers team, a friend, and how he misses his presence more than anything, and when U S Agent learns that Hawkeye has left in a temper, he wonders what on Earth could have gone wrong.

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Captain America stops him, and U S Agent is later seen in stasis along with others affected by the villain Nightmare.

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US Agent eventually became the field leader of the Jury, a group of armored corporate vigilantes, owned by Edwin Cord, owner of Cordco.

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Power Broker places a parasite on the neck of Senator Warkovsky intent upon influencing his address to the International assemblage of Heads of State, but is interrupted by U S Agent who is subsequently assaulted by Captain America intent upon stopping him.

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Together Cap and Agent fight off the crowd of V I P's, escaping and then teaming up to restrain both Power Broker and Vries and removing the parasites from each of them.

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US Agent destroys the specimen and then speculates that he didn't believe it to be alien at all but rather a product of a government genetics lab that went wrong.

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US Agent is repeatedly told by Agent Brown that Omega is simply unwell and resting.

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Weapon Omega eventually realizes that he is being manipulated and that his handlers intend to continue to use him even against his will, however this is stopped by the U S Agent having discharged himself from the infirmary despite his severe injuries.

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Chthon's power is tied to Wundagore Mountain and U S Agent plays a part in separating him from that source by planting explosives in order to destroy it.

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US Agent said he believes that the Gods are just people with super powers and battled against Eris, Goddess of discord.

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US Agent refuses to repair his body using more technologically advanced prostheses because he does not want to become a cyborg like the man who crippled him.

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US Agent was assisted by Ghost, who earned Walker's respect after protecting the lives of the ungrateful inmates.

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US Agent then tells Sam that he needs to stand down, saying that he is out of control and that he should hand over the shield.

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US Agent later joined a team of heroes recruited by Captain Marvel to hunt down the Punisher for his actions when he was a member of Hydra Supreme's "Secret Empire", even though the Punisher had been manipulated by Hydra and was now hunting every last one of them in revenge.

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US Agent is stopped when Misty Knight activates a stasis beam to hold him in place, at which point Rogers explains that he did not commit the crimes U S Agent is accusing him of and that "someday we're going to grab a beer and I'll tell you exactly what went wrong".

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US Agent's sends out tremors on Lingares, and Ultimo arrives as do the Deathloks.

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The rest of the group is against Maria obtaining the Deathlok plans, until Mockingbird deduces U S Agent is against it as well, having given Maria an empty drive.

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Five issue mini-series written by Christopher Priest and illustrated by Georges Jeanty, John Walker: U S Agent sees the character fired by the government and now acting as a private security consultant.

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Walker later visits Cooper to enquire about how his sister ended up working for the government to which she replies she had no involvement in recruiting her but does confirm that Walker's replacement as U S Agent has been sent to clean up the mess in the town, although she has no idea who the new U S Agent actually is.

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Elsewhere it is confirmed that Katie and the new U S Agent were indeed responsible for taking the missing fuel cell in order to remove the containment field around the secret asset so that they could access it for themselves.

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US Agent enlists former Captain Americas Sam Wilson, Bucky Barnes, and John Walker to reclaim the stolen shield, and their pursuit leads them to the "Captains Network" - a loose collective of people protecting their communities under the mantle of Captain America.

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True to his word, U S Agent prevents the Thunderbolts from keeping diamonds stolen during a robbery they stop for themselves by beating each member single-handedly and promising to turn them into a team, threatening that anyone who thinks otherwise "is gonna find themselves under my boot".

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Later Luke Cage berates Barton because he specifically told him that U S Agent was working with the F B I as part of the police escort for Fisk's team.

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US Agent is a seasoned combat veteran with military combat experience in tactical and strategic planning, observations, and special operations, has been shown to have a fluent grasp of Arabic and Spanish, is technically proficient enough to bypass an advanced security system, is a qualified fixed-wing pilot, a trained scuba diver, and is highly proficient in the use of conventional firearms.

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US Agent is capable of using his nearly indestructible vibranium shield for defensive purposes and as a weapon.

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US Agent has great accuracy at throwing his shield, and due to his superhuman strength, it is potentially a lethal weapon.

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US Agent has used a variety of shields in his time, initially inheriting Captain America's indestructible circular shield after Steve Rogers relinquished it upon quitting the role and refusing to work for the Commission for Super-Human Activities.

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At one point, the US Agent used wrist guards which produced an energy shield as well as energy blasts.

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US Agent's speech is cut tragically short however when the head of the Commission, Douglas Rockwell, assassinates Rogers by shooting him dead on the orders of the Red Skull—who has secretly been planning Rogers' downfall and was close to seeing his plans fail.

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US Agent questions why Magneto is present, to which Nick Fury answers "anyone who is not a zombie is an ally".

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SS US Agent has a costume and photonic energy shield similar to that worn and used by USUS Agent during his time with Force Works.

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US Agent fought against the Communists during the Cold War, although he was dangerously out of control because of his use of dark magic and was placed into suspended animation by the military.

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