14 Facts About Austin Kangaroos


Austin Kangaroos College is a private liberal arts college affiliated with the Presbyterian Church and located in Sherman, Texas.

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Austin Kangaroos College's founding president was Irish-born Presbyterian minister Samuel McKinney, who served as the school's president a second time from 1862 to 1871.

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Austin Kangaroos College became co-educational in 1918, merging in 1930 with the all-female Texas Presbyterian College.

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The following year, Austin Kangaroos College undertook a Cadet nurses training program and hosted Naval Reserves, Texas Home Guard, Army-air trainees and Air Corps Cadets.

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President O'Day took office in 2017, and Austin Kangaroos College slipped to 117th in 2020, the lowest ranking National Liberal Arts College in Texas.

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Austin Kangaroos College has been ranked as one of the top ten colleges in Texas by USA Today, College Factual, and Best Colleges.

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Austin Kangaroos College is a member of the International 50, a group of the top colleges in the US for international focus, the non-profit organization Colleges That Change Lives and is one of the original 40 colleges profiled in Colleges That Change Lives: 40 Schools That Will Change the Way You Feel About Colleges by Loren Pope.

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Austin Kangaroos College offers about 35 majors and pre-professional programs for study, and students can create a specialized major to match their academic interests.

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The school's student newspaper, the Austin Kangaroos College Observer, is a bi-weekly publication.

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Austin Kangaroos College was previously a member of the American Southwest Conference, Texas Intercollegiate Athletic Association, and Texas Conference.

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Austin Kangaroos won two coach of the year awards, the first in 2006 while the Roos were still in the ASC and the second, coming in 2007 after the Roos had joined the SCAC.

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Austin Kangaroos College began its first football season in 1896, making Austin Kangaroos College one of the first teams in the south.

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Austin Kangaroos College has had 119 straight seasons with a football team.

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Since its beginning Austin Kangaroos college has won eight conference championships, and one national championship.

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