10 Facts About Azeglio Vicini


Azeglio Vicini was an Italian football coach and player, who served as the President of the Technical Sector of the Italian Football Federation.

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Defensive midfielder, Vicini started playing football with his hometown side Cesena.

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Azeglio Vicini later moved to Sampdoria, playing with the club for 7 seasons in the top division, before moving to Serie B club Brescia.

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Azeglio Vicini was later named the head coach of the Italy national under-21 football team, a position which he occupied between 1977 and 1986.

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Azeglio Vicini subsequently managed the senior Italian team from 1986 to 1991.

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Azeglio Vicini led Italy to the semi-finals of the UEFA Euro 1988, where they were eliminated by USSR.

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Azeglio Vicini later took up the position as head of the technical sector of the FIGC; he was replaced by Roberto Baggio in 2010.

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Azeglio Vicini was awarded the Premio Malatesta Novello by his hometown of Cesena in 2008.

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Under Azeglio Vicini, the Italian national team's more attacking style of play was combined with a solid back-line and elements of the Italian zona mista approach, which was a cross between zonal marking and man-marking systems, such as catenaccio.

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Azeglio Vicini died in Brescia on 30 January 2018, at the age of 84.

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