19 Facts About Babak Pasdar


Babak Pasdar is an Iranian-American innovator, cyber security expert, author, and entrepreneur best known for his contributions in the areas of cloud-based security innovations and as a whistle blower on government warrantless wiretapping.

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Babak Pasdar exited Bat Blue Networks in 2016 with the sale of his company to OPAQ Networks.

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Babak Pasdar is serving as founder, CEO and CTO of Acreto IoT Security, focused on addressing emerging security challenges posed by highly distributed and mobile purpose-built internet of things devices that have seeped into every day life.

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Babak Pasdar was selected as one of New York's Top Ten Startup Founders in 2017.

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Babak Pasdar the eldest of three sons was born in Kermanshah, Iran.

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Babak Pasdar's father was Koocheck Pasdar, a General in the Iranian Army under the Shah of Iran.

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Babak Pasdar's mother Simin Fardsavar-Pasdar was a school teacher from Shiraz, Iran.

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Babak Pasdar's family fled Iran to the United States in 1979 to escape the revolution.

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Babak Pasdar was an early entrepreneur, starting his first business while still in high school.

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At a time when computer memory chips were in significant demand with high prices, Babak Pasdar purchased used mainframe computers at auctions and extracted their memory chips using special techniques he developed.

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In 1992, Babak Pasdar discovered the Internet and quickly moved to start his first Internet Services Company where he developed experience and expertise in Internet Communications technologies.

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In 1995 while experimenting with unorthodox Internet communications, Babak Pasdar inadvertently compromised the Microsoft corporation.

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In 1997, Babak Pasdar founded IGX Global, a cyber security company delivering fully operationalized Security as-a-Service.

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Babak Pasdar developed a reputation for effective handling of large-scale and complex projects.

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At IGX Global, Babak Pasdar invented the first Proxy in-the-Cloud technology called Security Anywhere.

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In 2007, Babak Pasdar exited IGX Global and formed Bat Blue Networks with a focus on furthering his works around Cloud Delivered Security.

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In 2016 Babak Pasdar exited Bat Blue Networks with the sale of the company to OPAQ Networks.

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In 2003, Babak Pasdar was engaged by Juniper Networks to re-architect and scale the network and security infrastructure for Verizon Wireless.

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Babak Pasdar's testimony led to a Dear Colleague Letter from congressmen Dingell, Markey and Stupak.

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