15 Facts About Baker McKenzie


Baker McKenzie is an international law firm located in Chicago, Illinois.

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Baker McKenzie had early exposure to the Spanish language and other cultures, and his firm provided legal services to Chicago's growing Mexican American community.

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Baker McKenzie became an international firm beginning in 1955, when a lawyer in Venezuela contacted Baker McKenzie about opening a joint venture office in Caracas.

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In July 2013, co-founding partner Russell Baker McKenzie was named one of American Lawyer's top 50 innovators for pioneering ideas and initiatives that changed the world of BigLaw.

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Baker McKenzie's later became France's Minister of Finance and managing director of the International Monetary Fund.

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Baker McKenzie is organized as a Swiss Verein which allows regional profit pools and their related tax, accounting and partner compensation systems to remain separate while allowing strategy, branding, information technology and other core functions to be shared between the constituent partnerships.

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Baker McKenzie is the only Verein that used to be a single partnership.

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Baker McKenzie appealed but subsequently withdrew the appeal after they negotiated a confidential settlement in 1995 with Bowers' family forbidding parties from ever discussing the case or the terms of the agreement.

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Baker McKenzie has boasted about helping to set up tax free zones in the UAE, which critics say encourage illicit activity.

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Baker McKenzie has lobbied against legislation to curb offshore tax avoidance by big companies and lobbied against legislation that would increase due diligence for foreign customers of American banks.

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Baker McKenzie has represented Russian state-owned companies Gazprom, Sberbank, VTB Bank, VEB.

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In 2016, Baker McKenzie worked for Rostec in selling shares in a Mongolian copper mine.

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In December 2009, Baker McKenzie won a landmark tax case against the U S Internal Revenue Service for Symantec Corporation.

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Baker McKenzie represented Microsoft in Microsoft Corporation v Internal Revenue Service.

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Baker McKenzie is currently representing Facebook Inc in its dispute with the IRS over the value of assets the company transferred to its Irish holding company.

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