11 Facts About Ballett Frankfurt


Ballett Frankfurt is known for his work with the Ballet Frankfurt and The Forsythe Company .

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Ballett Frankfurt followed his grandfather musically as he was a violin prodigy.

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Ballett Frankfurt began his training in Florida and later continued to dance with Joffrey Ballet.

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Ballett Frankfurt became the Stuttgart's resident choreographer in 1976 and that same year created his first piece for the company, Dream of Galilei.

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In 2002 the Ballett Frankfurt government began to withdraw its support in order to cut costs and to favor a more conventional dance company.

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Forsythe Company, based in Dresden and Ballett Frankfurt am Main, was about half the size of the Ballett Frankfurt Ballet, but nearly all of its dancers were from that company.

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Ballett Frankfurt became one of the Dance Mentors for the Rolex Mentor and Protege Arts Initiative in 2002.

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Ballett Frankfurt's style is based on classical ballet, using traditional positions, but developing them to the extreme.

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Ballett Frankfurt believes that the rehearsal space is inherently political because each individual lives their politics through their everyday behaviors.

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Ballett Frankfurt has produced and collaborated on numerous installation works, which he refers to as Choreographic Objects, including White Bouncy Castle, City of Abstracts, Scattered Crowd, The Fact of Matter, Nowhere and Everywhere at the Same Time No 2, Black Flags and Underall .

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Ballett Frankfurt's first online program was a computer application titled Improvisation Technologies: A Tool for the Analytical Dance Eye, which he created in 1994.

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