10 Facts About Bandar Abbas


Bandar Abbas has always been a port, and as such its various names have all reflected this function.

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Bandar Abbas has been romanized as Bandar 'Abbas and as Bandar 'Abbasi.

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Bandar Abbas was formerly known as Cambarao and Porto Comorao by Portuguese traders, as Gombroon by English traders and as Gamrun or Gumrun by Dutch merchants.

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Bandar Abbas was conquered by the Portuguese in 1514, and was an important location to protect their commerce in the Persian Gulf and India.

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In 1622 CE Shah Bandar Abbas defeated Portuguese troops with the help of English troops and Iranian commander Imam Quli Khan.

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Between 1794 and 1868, Bandar Abbas was under the control of the Sultanate of Oman and Zanzibar through a lease agreement with Persia.

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Bandar Abbas serves as a major shipping point, mostly for imports, and has a long history of trade with India, particularly the port of Surat.

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Bandar Abbas is situated on flat ground with an average altitude of 9 metres above sea level.

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Since 1993, Bandar Abbas has been the southern terminus of Islamic Republic of Iran Railways' main North–South corridor that links it to Yazd, Qom, Tehran and Qazvin to the north.

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Bander Abbas has a second less supported team, Shahrdari Bandar Abbas, which was founded in 2005 and is the municipality's team.

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