17 Facts About Baoding


Baoding, formerly known as Baozhou and Qingyuan, is a prefecture-level city in central Hebei province, approximately 150 kilometres southwest of Beijing.

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Baoding is among 13 Chinese cities with a population of over 10 million, ranking seventh.

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Baoding is a city with a history dating back to the Western Han Dynasty.

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Baoding served for many years as the capital of Zhili, and was a significant centre of culture in the Ming Dynasty and early Qing Dynasty.

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Baoding is located in the west-central portion of Hebei province and lies on the North China Plain, with the Taihang Mountains to the west.

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The language of Baoding is Mandarin Chinese — specifically, the Baoding dialect of Ji-Lu Mandarin.

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Baoding is located in the centre of the Bohai Rim economic area which includes Beijing, Tianjin and Shijiazhuang.

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One of the largest employers in Baoding is China Lucky Film, the largest photosensitive materials and magnetic recording media manufacturer in China.

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Baoding is named after the Great Wall of China and was formed in 1984.

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Baoding city has one of China's biggest plants which manufacture blades used in wind turbine generators, catering mainly to the domestic market.

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Nevertheless, Baoding is currently listed as the most polluted city in China.

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Baoding has good connections to other cities, being located on one of the main routes in and out of Beijing.

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The Jingshi Expressway connects the two cities, and Baoding is the western terminus of the Baojin Expressway linking Baoding with Tianjin, which is one out of two nearest ports .

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On 30 December 2012, a new Baoding station was opened, while the old train station was closed for passengers.

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Baoding is headquarters of the 38th Mechanized Group Army of the People's Liberation Army, one of the three group armies that comprise the Beijing Military Region responsible for defending the PRC capital.

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The traditional main street of old Baoding is Yuhua Road, running from the city's centre to its eastern edge — most of Baoding's historic buildings are located in this area, along with some of its larger shopping centres.

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Baoding is home to Hebei University, North China Electric Power University with other 3 universities and 12 colleges.

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