20 Facts About Barley


Barley, a member of the grass family, is a major cereal grain grown in temperate climates globally.

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Barley grains are commonly made into malt in a traditional and ancient method of preparation.

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Barley was one of the first domesticated grains in the Fertile Crescent, an area of relatively abundant water in Western Asia, and near the Nile river of northeast Africa.

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Barley is a highly resilient crop, able to be grown in varied and marginal environments, such as in regions of high altitude and latitude.

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Barley has been grown in the Korean Peninsula since the Early Mumun Pottery Period along with other crops such as millet, wheat, and legumes.

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Barley is only crop which has been mentioned many times in Rigveda and other Indian scriptures as one of the principal grains in ancient India.

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Barley beer was probably one of the first alcoholic drinks developed by Neolithic humans.

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Barley has been crossed with wheat with mixed results that have yet to prove commercially viable.

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Barley grows under cool conditions, but is not particularly winter hardy.

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Barley is more tolerant of soil salinity than wheat, which might explain the increase of barley cultivation in Mesopotamia from the second millennium BCE onwards.

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Barley is not as cold tolerant as the winter wheats, fall rye (Secale cereale) or winter triticale (× Triticosecale Wittm.

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Barley has a short growing season and is relatively drought tolerant.

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Barley is known or likely to be susceptible to barley mild mosaic bymovirus, as well as bacterial blight.

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Barley soup is traditionally eaten during Ramadan in Saudi Arabia.

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Barley rice, called mugimeshi in Japanese, and bori-bap in Korean, was long a peasant staple intended to conserve the expensive rice, but the naval surgeon Takaki Kanehiro introduced it into the institutional cooking to combat beriberi, endemic in the armed forces of the time.

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Barley is a key ingredient in beer and whisky production.

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Barley wine is a style of strong beer from the English brewing tradition.

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Barley is an important feed grain in many areas of the world not typically suited for maize production, especially in northern climates—for example, northern and eastern Europe.

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Barley is the principal feed grain in Canada, Europe, and in the northern United States.

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Barley straw has not been approved by the EPA for use as a pesticide and its effectiveness as an algae regulator in ponds has produced mixed results, with either more efficacy against phytoplankton algae versus mat-forming algae, or no significant change, during university testing in the US and the UK.

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