17 Facts About Barracuda Networks


Barracuda Networks, Inc is a company providing security, networking and storage products based on network appliances and cloud services.

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Barracuda Networks was founded in 2003 by Dean Drako, Michael Perone, and Zach Levow; the company introduced the Barracuda Spam and Virus Firewall in the same year.

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On January 29,2008, Barracuda Networks was sued by Trend Micro over their use of the open source anti-virus software Clam AntiVirus, which Trend Micro claimed to be in violation of their patent on 'anti-virus detection on an SMTP or FTP gateway'.

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Barracuda Networks expanded its research and development facility in Ann Arbor to a 12,500 square foot office building on Depot Street in 2008.

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In June, 2012, Barracuda Networks signed a lease to occupy the 45,000 square foot office complex previously used as the Borders headquarters on Maynard St in downtown Ann Arbor.

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Barracuda Networks created the office of the CEO as it started a CEO search.

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In November 2013, Barracuda Networks went public on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol CUDA.

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In March 2015, Barracuda Networks expanded its business to North Asia and was distributed by TriTech Distribution Limited in Hong Kong.

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In November 2015, Barracuda Networks added new Next Generation Firewall to its firewall family.

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Barracuda Networks has announced future discontinuation of its Copy and CudaDrive services as of May 2016.

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In September 2007, Barracuda Networks acquired NetContinuum, a company providing application controllers to secure and manage enterprise web applications.

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In November 2008, Barracuda Networks expanded into cloud-based backup services by acquiring BitLeap.

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In November 2008, Barracuda Networks acquired 3SP, allowing the company to introduce Secure Sockets Layer Virtual Private Network products to allow secure remote access to network file shares, internal Web sites and remote control capabilities for desktops and servers.

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In January 2009, Barracuda Networks acquired Yosemite Technologies to add software agents for incremental backups of applications such as Microsoft Exchange Server and SQL Server, and Windows system states.

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September 2009, Barracuda Networks acquired controlling interest in phion AG, an Austria-based public company delivering enterprise-class firewalls.

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In October 2009, Barracuda Networks acquired Purewire Inc, a software as a service company offering cloud based web filtering and security.

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In November 2017, Barracuda Networks announced that it was being acquired by private equity investment firm Thoma Bravo, LLC.

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