40 Facts About Bart Sawyer


Bart Sawyer is best known for his time in Championship Wrestling USA and the United States Wrestling Association during the 1990s.


Bart Sawyer emerged as a popular "fan favorite" in Pacific Northwest Wrestling in the early-1990s, whose gimmick was modeled after Bart Simpson, and engaged in feuds with Al Madril, Colonel DeBeers, Matt Borne and Buddy Wayne.


Bart Sawyer later became a "rulebreaker" himself when he relocated to the Southern United States.


Bart Sawyer was forced to retire in 2004, following a mild stroke, after nearly 18 years in the ring.


Bart Sawyer initially wrestled for Geigel's World Wrestling Alliance in Kansas City, Missouri.


Bart Sawyer cut his hair so as to more closely resemble the cartoon character.


Bart Sawyer formed a partnership with Doug Masters and the two quickly climbed the ranks of the tag team division.


That fall, Bart Sawyer returned to the USWA and won victories against Randy Rhodes and Mike Miller at the Mid-South Coliseum.


Bart Sawyer's winning streak was stopped by Jeff Gaylord on November 9,1992.


On January 9,1993, Bart Sawyer defeated John Rambo to win the Championship Wrestling USA Television Championship.


Bart Sawyer feuded with Colonel DeBeers over the title before finally dropping the belt to DeBeers on February 27,1993.


Later that year, Bart Sawyer made a one-time appearance in World Championship Wrestling facing off against Maxx Payne on WCW Main Event.


Bart Sawyer began making regular appearances for Extreme Canadian Championship Wrestling in neighboring British Columbia.


Bart Sawyer appeared in two films starring Piper, Masked Man and Sea of Fire, as well as a fight choreographer.


Bart Sawyer used the Highland Sleeper finisher as a tribute to Piper.


On March 10,1996, Bart Sawyer defeated The Brooklyn Brawler in a dark match on WWF Superstars.


Two days later, Sawyer won the then vacant USWA World Tag Team Championship with Flex Kavana after defeating Brickhouse Brown and Reggie B Fine in a tournament final.


Bart Sawyer went back to Championship Wrestling USA at the end of the year.


Bart Sawyer's reign was brief as he quickly lost the belt back to Wayne the following week.


Bart Sawyer was the only wrestler to climb to the top of the cage with the championship but threw it down to Matt Borne who was waiting outside.


Bart Sawyer remained in the area wrestling on the local independent circuit for another year.


In late 1997, Bart Sawyer worked for Ivan and Jeff Kafoury's Portland Wrestling.


On November 1,1997, Bart Sawyer defeated Matt Borne to win the promotion's then vacant heavyweight championship.


On July 12,1998, Bart Sawyer teamed with Blackhawk, John Rambo, and Doink the Clown to defeat The Grungers and The Bad Crew for World Xtreme Wrestling's Sportsfest '98 supercard in Allentown, Pennsylvania.


On July 18,1998, Bart Sawyer defeated Gutterboy in Hagerstown, Maryland for the vacant HoPWF Heavyweight Championship.


In early 1999, Bart Sawyer feuded with The Colorado Kid over the NWA North American Heavyweight Championship.


At one point, Bart Sawyer stole the title, after knocking out The Colorado Kid with a steel chair, and made title defences as the self-proclaimed champion.


In May 1999, Bart Sawyer entered a championship tournament for the NWA Georgia Junior Heavyweight Championship after the NWA decided to revive the long abandoned title.


Bart Sawyer defeated but lost to Air Paris in the finals.


On June 27,1999, Bart Sawyer defeated Silky Boom Boom in Stockbridge, Georgia to win the NWA Georgia Heavyweight Championship.


The NWA North American Tag Team Championship was declared vacant that same month, when the team failed to defend the title within 30 days, and Bart Sawyer was stripped of the NWA Georgia Heavyweight Championship in October 1999.


On February 9,2001, Bart Sawyer was in attendance at the 35th annual Cauliflower Alley Club reunion in Las Vegas with Roddy Piper as one of his bodyguards.


On November 3,2001, Bart Sawyer was the last man eliminated by Kevin White in a 10-man battle royal to crown the first NWA-USA Main Event United States Heavyweight Champion.


On October 12,2002, Bart Sawyer wrestled HoPWF Cruiserweight Champion Fumar in Martinsburg, West Virginia as part of a four-way match including Hyjinx and Aidean.


On February 14,2003, Bart Sawyer defeated masked wrestler Parts Unknown and Robbie Ellis at a Maine Event Wrestling show in Norway, Maine, as part of a television taping for the promotion's weekly Midnight Madness TV series.


Bart Sawyer worked for Coliseum Championship Wrestling in Evansville, Indiana, twice winning the CCW Heavyweight Championship, and served on its booking committee.


That same year, Bart Sawyer retired as an active competitor for Bert Prentice's USA Championship Wrestling in favor of becoming a color commentator for its weekly TV show.


On February 4,2004, Bart Sawyer teamed with Big Bully Douglas against Shane Douglas and Michael Shane at the Nashville Fairgrounds for a NWA: Total Nonstop Action weekly pay-per-view event.


Bart Sawyer made a second NWA: TNA pay-per-view appearance on June 9,2004, when he and Shane Matthews took on Monty Brown and Abyss.


Bart Sawyer remained in a coma for several days as well as suffering paralysis in the left side of his body.