14 Facts About Bartitsu


Under Bartitsu is included boxing, or the use of the fist as a hitting medium, the use of the feet both in an offensive and defensive sense, the use of the walking stick as a means of self-defence.

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In mid-1901, the curriculum of Bartitsu was further expanded to include breathing exercises under the tuition of Kate Behnke.

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Bartitsu said this feat earned him a membership in the prestigious Bath Club and a Royal Command to appear before Edward, Prince of Wales.

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The Bartitsu stick fighter would often incorporate close combat techniques such as trips, throws and takedowns, which probably represent a fusion of the Vigny stick system with jujutsu.

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The specific details of other Bartitsu stick fighting training drills were recorded in Captain Laing's article.

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Bartitsu might have been completely forgotten if not for a cryptic reference by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in one of his Sherlock Holmes mystery stories.

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Bartitsu was among the first Europeans known to have studied the Japanese martial arts, and was almost certainly the first to have taught them in Europe, the British Empire or the Americas.

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Bartitsu Club was among the first schools of its type in Europe to offer classes in women's self-defence, a practice taken up after the Club's demise by students of Yukio Tani and Sadakazu Uyenishi including Edith Margaret Garrud and Emily Watts.

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From 2003 onwards, members of the Bartitsu Society began to teach seminar courses in various aspects of the art at stage combat and martial arts conferences throughout the world.

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The second volume comprises resources for neo-Bartitsu drawn both from Barton-Wright's own writings and from the self-defence manuals produced by his colleagues and their students, including Yukio Tani, William Garrud, H G Lang and Jean Joseph Renaud.

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In 2017, Bartitsu came to the attention of a martial arts instructor in Columbus, Georgia.

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Bartitsu then founded an academy, christened "Neo-Bartitsu Columbus", in 2019 and began offering weekly classes through Bishop's TaeKwonDo Plus.

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Articles on various aspects of Bartitsu have been published in journals including Classical Fighting Arts, Western Martial Arts Illustrated, The Journal of Asian Martial Arts, SteamPunk Magazine, Rugged Magazine, Breaking Muscle, The Wall Street Journal, The Atlantic, the Chicago Tribune, The Chap, History Today, de Volkskrant, New City, His Vintage Life, the Epoch Times, Ozy Media and Clarkesworld Magazine.

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Bartitsu: The Lost Martial Art of Sherlock Holmes is a feature-length documentary detailing the history, decline and modern revival of Bartitsu, with particular reference to its association with Sherlock Holmes.

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