15 Facts About Bashkortostan


Bashkortostan takes its name from its native people, the Bashkirs.

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Bashkortostan contains part of the southern Urals and the adjacent plains.

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Bashkortostan is rich in crude oil reserves, and is one of the principal centers of oil extraction in the Russian Federation.

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Bashkortostan is one of the major raw materials bases for Russia non-ferrous metallurgy.

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Bashkortostan is rich in springs and sources of mineral, medicinal, and drinking water.

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Bashkortostan was first appointed as acting head by the Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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Bashkortostan's predecessor was Rustem Khamitov who was the leader since 19 July 2010.

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Bashkortostan resigned on 11 October 2018 ahead of the election because he personally decided to not run for re-election.

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The Republic of Bashkortostan is a full-fledged subject of the Russian Federation on equal and agreed bases.

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Republic of Bashkortostan resolves all issues of administrative-territorial structure on its own.

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Bashkortostan is one of the most developed regions of the Russian Federation in terms of its cross regional output, the volume of industrial production, agricultural production, and investment in fixed assets.

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Economy of Bashkortostan, being one of the largest industrial centers of Russia, is very diverse.

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Bashkortostan has been recognized as the subject with the lowest economic risk.

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Bashkortostan is among the leaders in real estate development, developed electric power industry and tourism.

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Bashkortostan is home to song and dance companies, a network of national theaters, museums, and libraries, and a number of annual folk festivals.

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